spanx or other suggestions?

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snowbear Posts: 2107
What do you think thanks a mill
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
I'm planning on getting a sexy corset to give me a little help in that area! :o0 But maybe that won't work if your dress is very slim or light material. I would say check out specialist bridal shop and see what they have. You could always source it there and try buy it over the internet?!!! :wv
herby Posts: 543
The trinny and suzannah ones are goog plus they show you on the pack what ones you should get for what problem area.
OscarSmiling Posts: 26
Love Spanx-light & have the "trap-door" which means you don't have to practically strip off for a loo-break!! Enjoy! CaroCaro :wv
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I had got a corset but by dress maker advised against it (and I'm a curvey 14) and said the dress would hold me in which it did so you mighten need anything! :wv
contented Posts: 2625
i wore flexees for my day, the dress was chiffon so any stitching or banding from teh spanx or trinnies would have been visible. they were very comfortable and worked a treat and they werent as tight or "compact" as the others. best thing to do would be buy a pair (obviously) and try them on. it really looked like i'd nothing on underneath
snowbear Posts: 2107
Irish07 Posts: 725
[color=darkblue:jdr5byzi]I've never heard of flexees either - where could you buy those?[/color:jdr5byzi]