Spanx & wonderbra OR corset?

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Smallpackage Posts: 85
Help pls! My dress is very unforgiving around the tummy, I need my boobs pushed up too :-8 it's strapless. I love this dress so I have to work around it with the underwear. As in the title I'm thinking spanx and strapless wonderbra or corset. Comfort is not an issue! Any suggestions? What are other wollies doing? If anyone has the same issue...or maybe it's just me :-8
flor Posts: 1621
i had a similar issue except my dress is also backless, so a strapless bra wouldn't work. ended up going for one of those stick on bras & i may also get cups sewn in for a bit of extra oomph! i think the strapless bra & the spanx might be your best bet as the corset may only add bulk, and if the material of your dress was fine, the corset may show up through it. so the strapless bra & spanx get my vote. maybe you could add cups to the dress also?
Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Hi there :) Have you tried on either with the dress. I had spanx on when I went to try on dresses and the lady there told me to take them off (I hate my tummy and love handles). To be honest the dress looked better without!! I looked slimmer. I was told depending on the dress spanx can add another layer that is obvious and sometimes the dress won't sit as well. Not sure about a corset -it might be better. Re the spanx making a dress look worse I wouldn't have believed it only I saw it with my own eyes :) I always wear them to wedding etc Dee
Smallpackage Posts: 85
Thanks so much girls. I think I will buy the spanx and wonderbra and try them, if they dont work its something im sure i will need again! Sewn in cups is great, something I never thought of :)
frankenbride Posts: 419
If you go with the spanx take a deep breath and hold it with your dress as when I finished dinner you could see the seam through the dress - maybe I shouldn't of had the breakfast roll and rolls with soup .... :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
[quote:eguwis7j]Re the spanx making a dress look worse I wouldn't have believed it only I saw it with my own eyes I always wear them to wedding etc[/quote:eguwis7j] I agree sometimes the spanx makes you look worse. Have you tried going to a specialist lingerie shop with a photo. I went to Pauline in Intimate Lingerie in Dublin and she recommended exactly what underwear I would need. She even lent me something to try on with the dress which was very handy. She'll custom make spanx type things for you. She worked to tight timelines when I had to change my dress last minute. I can't recommend anyone outside of dublin though.
Smallpackage Posts: 85
Thanks for the recommendation miss fAhrenheit will check that out too.