Spatone - Brilliant or useless?

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
My iron levels were found to be dangerously low, so my consultant told me to get Spatone, said it was very good. I now take it every morning and evening with a glass of OJ. But today my GP said it was useless, and I should take Galfer! Who is right? Surely different products suit different people. I have noticed a big improvemnt since taking Spatone. I still feel tired, but it is a physical tired from being so big, whereas before I was mentally tired. My next blood tests will show I suppose if I'm absorbing the iron in Spatone or not, but just wondered how others found it. thanks
mummy bear Posts: 3824
I started on the galfer and had to come off it as it didnt agree with me, and am now on spatone and find it brilliant, so much energy and i need it esp in this house!!
speedy55 Posts: 512
galfer has around twenty times the amount of iron than spatone. i found spatone terrible and my midwife said its absolutely rubbish too. when i started on galfer i had a little bit of constipation but after a couple of days, that disappeared. also the price difference between the two is incredible :eek galfer's only €2.50 in the chemist here.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Hospital told me to start taking Galfer. Midwife said that it can cause constipation in some people and if I was having real difficulties with it to go on Spatone. I find Galfer fine for the moment. Actually it even has a stamp on the back of my hospital appointment card, like an ad for Galfer. So maybe some hospitals push one over the other?
charlie crown Posts: 377
My midwife said spatone is useless as well, she said it only has 10% the content of iron that galfer has
[email protected] Posts: 492
If your iron levels are very low take Galfer or Ferrograde C. Don't touch the Spatone. I was on it for months, it was fine initially but as i get into the 3rd trimester i got so tired, my haemoglobin was only 8, should be at least 12 :eek I was told to take at least 2 galfer per day :eek :eek , i would take them with a pint of fruit smoothie!!! so no constipation :o0 Your baby takes everything it needs form your body and will leave you deficient, you will loose 2-3 units of blood during delivery so can't affort to be low before hand. Stick with the galfer xx
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
OK so thanks for the replies :thnk
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Just the other day the mid wife was telling me I should be taking iron. When anemic on first pregnancy (iron went down to 3.8!) I took galfer and it made me really sick. I was telling the midwife this and she said even one galfer every three days would be fine now - that taking three spatone sachets a day would be the same as one galfer every three days. She said spatone is much easier to stomach!