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star sun 1 Posts: 1456
Hi girls, Sorry in advance for the silly question :o0 I have a appointment today to meet my consultant for the 1st time in The Semi Private Clinic in The Coombe. My question is is The SPC actually in The Coombe hospital or is it a seperate clinic nearby? Also do i still have to go to The main hospital were you usually register??? Also at your consultants 1st visit do you get a scan? Im hoping so as im hoping they will be able to tell me the sex today :) Thanks in advance for any replies :thnk
taurus09 Posts: 484
hey, the semi private clinic is in the hospital. u go in the main enterance, up the stairs and turn to the left, and the reception is on the left. My consultant always does a quick scan, I didn't find out the sex so not sure if he/she can tell you then, but I'm sure if they can they will. best of luck :o)ll
babyforus Posts: 1619
Oh star sun so exciting you might find out the sex today!! I don't think we're going to find out! My first consultant appointment is next Monday in the SPC. Taurus, is there more than one entrance to the coombe? I usually go in the one where if you go in and turn right, the out patients dept. and emergency room is there.
taurus09 Posts: 484
don't think there is more than one entrance. if you go in the one ur talking about but go past the security desk
babyforus Posts: 1619
Ah ok, thanks.