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Mahal Posts: 86
Not sure if anyone can help me but i'm 27wks pregnant & suffering from SPD (2nd Pregnancy). The pain is very bad & the doc has suggested a prescription anti-inflammatory gel - has anyone used this or had any experience with it??
izzie1977 Posts: 460
Hi Mahal I am suffering very bad too, I cant even walk much, if at all, I can only imagine how bad it will get later in the pregnancy when baby is heavier. My doc told me to take panadol when it gets bad, that really all he suggested apart from physio, but he said that there wasnt many women he knew that got much relief from that either. If it is more in the back then the physio can help, mine is actually my pubic bone - so not much that can be done for me I think. I just wanted to console with you and tell you how much I feel you pain. when I say it to people the dont understand how sore incapacited it makes you :o(
Mahal Posts: 86
Thanks so much for replying Izzie, its my 2nd time having it but it came on alot later in my first pregnancy. Finding it very tough & I'm working fulltime but i know the only way of getting any relief is rest (easier said than done with a toddler!!!). Find it very restrictive & very sore. I've had some sessions of physio but as u say they can only do so much, my pain is in my pubic bone also. someone else i know said icepacks for max 10mins can work also for short-term relief. thanks again for replying, wasnt aware that i can take panadol so thats gud to know.
bride. Posts: 3014
This could be useless to you but 2 tips I found that helped were keeping your knees together when you were turning round in bed, god I used to feel like i'd break apart, you could actually hear a strange popping sound when i moved. also, satin\silky nightdress or pjs help when turning. if you drive, sit on a plastic bag so that you can kind of swivel with your knees together to get out of the car rather than putting one leg out then the other. it really seems separating your legs causes the most pain. when \ if you get to walk, take small slow steps, the further you separate your legs, the more it hurts. take heart that as soon as you have your baby, spd is gone. ps i got physio in the coombe and my spd was all in my pubic bone, they also gave me a couple of braces which really helped so maybe do look into it. hth.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I've been in agony with this (in the pelvic bone also) and accupuncture has really helped.
seastar Posts: 120
I've had this since 27 weeks. Things that have worked for me are: - keeping legs together all the time, especially when getting in and out of the car - dreami genie pillow at night so I always have pillow between my legs - turning slowly in bed, making sure both knees stay together - I got a tummy support from the physio in CUMH (she called it HSE spanx). It's fantastic. I had the mothercare one and didn't find it good at all - slowing down and trying not to do too much. This has probably made the most difference as it's always worse if I'm rushing around trying to do too much. HTH
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
its just awful isnt it. always there. i suffer with my back before pregnancy but since week 30 i can barely walk. was told not walk and to stay off it as much as possible. got phsyio too. the doc signed me off work and said that it gets worse nearer the due date and just stay off it as much as possible. even if im peeling potatoes i have to sit on chair at sink or counter..