spd & cyst on Breast

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Septbride Posts: 380
Hi Girls, Firstly had growth scan on Friday so dates are matching so please God - June 22nd is D - Day!!! Went to GP today for routine check up. Complained about pain in my nether regions when i got out of bed or tried to put my trousers on, didn't want to admit it but had a feeling what he was going to say - SPD!!! So he basically said that if I look after myself it may stay the same or in most cases the unfortunate thing is it will get worse!!!! Have to say the pain is quite annoying today :o( . Does anybody else suffer from this? The other thing was I had a certain patch on my right breast, that if I touched it brought a tear to my eye (no lump or anything) anyways he says its a cyst and part and parcel with being preg. He also said that as my boobs grow so will the cyst and once again there is nothing for it!!!! Oh the joys of pregnancy!!! But the main thing is babys heart was lovely and strong so alls well from that point of view!!!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Ah Septbride, sorry to hear you're not feeling well :thnk I developed spd when I was about 17.5 weeks pregnant. It was pretty bad for a while, but if you rest as much as possible, then it is manageable. The worst of it is in the night when you try to turn over in bed - I found that to be a nightmare. Just take it easy when gettng dressed - sit down to put your trousers on, and go slowly - get help with it too if you need it. There was many a day when I had my poor DH put on or take off my trousers for me, hahaha!! Surprisingly, in my last few weeks of pregnancy it eased off a bit (probably that there were so many others things wrong with me, that I didn't notice it as much :o0). In the first two weeks after my daughter was born I had no problems and assumed it was 'gone away', but once I started to get back on my feet and was walking a bit more, I realised I still had it :o(. It's now 10 weeks since the birth and although it really has eased a lot, it's still sore sometimes. I've been told that it can take quite a bit of time for the pelvis to 'put itself back together', and have been advised to take it as easy as possible, and only take gentle exercise, etc. Hope I'm not scaring you by saying I still have it after the birth, but honestly, it does ease as time goes on. Glad to hear everything is going well with the baby *)