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charliesangel Posts: 2106
hi girls i work in a mainstrem primary school as a special needs assisant just wondering what parents think about children with special needs in mainstream school. the lil girl i work with i feel is being robbed of a education she id ds and is not able for it at all. just feel she would be better in sc where they are better equiped with what to do and how to do it. just wondering what yas think
Kingston Design Posts: 895
I think it really depends on the child and to a certain extent the school. It's so hard to say when you don't know the specifics. I did my thesis on the inclusion of children with special needs and all the research says that for kids with a mild-moderate learning difficulty, it's better for them to be in miansteram. It's also been proven to be a really positive thing for the rest of the kids in mainstream and the community in general if kids with learning difficulties are integrated. But that said every child is different...............
lisa Posts: 1612
Hi again charliesangel, I'm a nurse for people with a Intellectual disabilities and I definitely think it depends on the child. In theory integration into mainstream schools is a fantastic but it has its disadvantages. Mainstream teachers are not really equipped to deal with kids with a disability plus they dont have the time. If the child is lucky enough to have an sna they are in with a good shot at primary level. I think once they reach second level that when the cracks start to appear. At least if the child is in a special needs school the education curriculum is styled to make the most of their abilities and focus on the skills they have. The centre i work in has a special needs school and they do a friendship programme with a local primary and secondary school. One week the kids from the local school come into our place to do gym etc and the following week the kids with special needs go out to the local school. I think this is fantastic because it promotes awareness in young kids but the child with ID education is still focused entirely on their needs. Hope that all makes sense.
chiefbee Posts: 42
I work with children a special school and it is an amazing place! I also work with quite a lot of children in mainstream and it definitely depends on the child and level of disability. I have 3 kids with DS doing fantastically in mainstream and then I have a little guy who is struggling massively. I also have some teenagers who are in mainstream secondary school, did well in primary school but finding mainstream secondary school so tough. there are 3 fanstasics secondary schools in the country I work in , who really work for children with disabilities. Unfortunately there are lots more who just sit the kid at the back of the class and really do not put in the effort. I have worked with adults with ID in the past and i know a few have found the transition from mainstream secondary school to adult day services very very difficult!