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FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Just wondering, traditionally who makes the speeches at the reception?
smiley03 Posts: 184
Its usually the father of the bride and groom, if either or both have passed away then it would be who ever gave the bride away, uncle, brother, mum and same on the other sid. Then the groom and best man, the grooms man usually reads a few wedding cards of guests who couldnt attend on the day.... That would be the tradition anyways... ive been at wedding where the mum has made a speech as she was seperated from the brides father, also ive seen the bride give a speech...Who ever is comfortable with speaking...i wud never put anyone under pressure to make a speech...I hope to make a speech on my wedding day...although my OH doesnt want me to...it is something i always said i would do...hope this helps...
Brideonabudget2012 Posts: 231
Dont think anyone will do speeches at ours, def not h2b anyway, he was groomsman twice and couldn't for the life of him do a speech, my dad might toast to us and say something very small prob 30 seconds long or something, h2b's brother might say something not 100% sure, im happy with or without speeches as 13 years and 4 kids later we are not exactly traditional lol.
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Lol.. my problem is my mum and dad are separated and my dad probably won't go as there's bad memories for both of them. I really want him there but if he chooses not to go I'll respect his decision. I know the FOB usually makes a speech and the best man but didn't know who else. If my mum or brother walks me down the aisle will they be expected to make a speech.. the trouble is if just the best man and OH's father (who wants to make a speech) does one I'll have no-one on my side doing one, I am wondering if that matters.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
At ours it'll be my mother (parents are amicably separated, Dad will be there but would DIE if he had to make a speech), the best man who is h2b's brother, looking like being me because my fiance will inevitably curse or insult someone with nerves, and his Dad will probably hate the thoughts of making one, his mother would be great because she's well used to public speaking but I fear the traditional side of her will want her husband doing the speaking even though he'll make a balls of it! Need to try and win her round to it being all the wimmins + the best man! Smiley03 do you mind me asking why your OH doesn't want you to make a speech?
blue16 Posts: 201
Hey Hellsbells, It would be perfectly acceptable for your Mum/brother to give a speech. I was at a wedding where the bride had no family attending but one of her bridesmaids gave a lovely speech about her. Alternatively you could say a few words yourself!
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Oh I would die if I had to do a speech I find the whole speech thing, people looking at me hard enough lol. No, I will defo not be doing that. I don't think my mum or brother would either but I am sort of OK as I am really close to the in-laws after a few blips along the way. I just wondered would it be a little weird that none on my side was doing one.
blue16 Posts: 201
No I dont think people will find it weird that you have no-one on your side. In fact your guests will prob be delighted that the speeches will be over quickly. Just make sure your in-laws make the effort to mention how wonderful you are in their speech so you dont feel totally left out.
frankenbride Posts: 419
My brother did a speech as my Father has passed away. I don't think anyone at our wedding wanted to give a speech which was actually great as they all ended up doing one (as in BM, husband, his father and my brother) and I think we were finished in about 10 minutes the longest part was when my nieces sang us a song :)
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
our best man (OH'S brother) will do a speech, along with OH. i am going to ask my brother to make a speech on behalf of my side because my dad wont be there and i know my mam won't speak. i am also gonna say a few words. yeah i'll be nervous but i think its only right! i've been to quite a few weddings where the bride has spoken and i think i'll give it a shot also :)