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fifteenseven16 Posts: 20
Hi, can anyone who's been on an all inclusive holiday to Mexico advise what you did for spending money? We are planning on getting US dollars but no idea how much! We'll be there for 10 days in total. I know it's recommended to get small notes for tips but again a bit lost on how much so any advice much appreciated! Thanks :)
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Following this! We're also going for 10 days after 4 days in New Orleans, we're bringing a little tip money maybe about $200, and then we'll be doing a few trips - there's a girl called Monica rendon who does private tours instead of having to go on a big bus tour, not sure how much she costs but for a private tour I hear it's very very reasonable! What hotel are you staying at?
supercooper Posts: 124
I'd be interested in this too. We are doing all inclusive for 10 nights on October in the Secrets Maroma. Cannot wait! !
Knightsbride Posts: 115
We're doing 10 night AI aswell and will be bringing around $500 in small notes. I've a friend not long back and she broke it out as follows: - $10 per day to their pool server - $5 per day for lunch - $10 per day for dinner - $5-10 if you're having drinks in the evening - good tip for cleaners on departure if you think they did a good job - tip for concierge on departure if applicable - any other i.e. Luggage etc
fifteenseven16 Posts: 20
Thanks Knightsbride! We're going on Monday so had to get sorted today before I saw this. Good news we went with $500 in small notes so should be perfect! On a side note, it wasn't that easy to get the notes, 2 banks and post office didn't have them and couldn't order them in for us but local credit union ended up having plenty, you just have to be a member to avail of it