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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Its on the radio that in England they are trying to introduce laws that men who donate their sperm could get a call from a son/daughter and look for financial support,later in life? what are your views on this? Are all donatators records kept a secret here?is it law or is it the wishes of the donatators themselves
MotherNature Posts: 317
I think it would turn a lot of men off donating and ruin the only chance some women have for being a mother. I think it should be an option for the men if they ever want to be traced or not, but I don't think they should be forced into becoming 'fathers' if they don't want to. Having said that though, I'd hate to be in the position of a sperm donor child who had no way of finding out who their dad was. It's a very emotive and difficult situation.
cyberspi Posts: 103
Think its only right that a child should be able to get a medical history etc. but there should be no financial obligation.
deem Posts: 710
medical history, perhaps, but def not financial support, dont think direct contact should be allowed either, no unless secifically requested by donorfather
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I thought that it was the whole point of donating it in the first place that the father will always be unknown,he donates to help couples not to father another offspring.