Spinning..what benefits

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countrygirl Posts: 19
Hi all, :wv Can anyone tell me what parts of the body spinning will work on...and if it's worth doing Thanks a bunch :thnk
windycity Posts: 2241
hey, they say you mainly tone up the legs and bum but since ive started spinning Ive lost a stone overall in bodyweight. If you stand really tall on the bike as well you can work your core. its brilliant :wv
countrygirl Posts: 19
hmmmm...i like the sound of that..thanks a mill...do you mind me asking how long did it take to see results and how many classes a week should i go to?
Senorita Posts: 3413
Spinning is great for weight loss and toning. I'd say in one month, you would definitely see results. The first couple of weeks are really hard (you feel like you might die, well I did), but persevere, and you'll see and feel the benefits. I go once a week, and I also go to the gym or run outside 3 time a week too. So that's 4 intense sessions a week.
Senorita Posts: 3413
Sorry, forgot to say that the areas it works are , legs, bum, thighs and stomach (especially, if you hold in your tummy when you are doing sprints, which also stops you from bouncing in the saddle!!).
countrygirl Posts: 19
Excellent!! :o)ll Cheers for all the info. O-O
billygate Posts: 952
do u have to be megafit to do it?
joer Posts: 1617
I tried beginners spin before thought I was going to die halfway through, literally.. I've been too afraid to do it again, but would love to get back into it as all the people do be dripping coming out from the gym and my friend thinks its great - I'm just afraid :-8
Senorita Posts: 3413
[quote="billygate":16low9bi]do u have to be megafit to do it?[/quote:16low9bi] No, you will build up your fitness over time. Yes, it's very tough, and you will literally sweat buckets doing it, but it is well worth it. If you can start off in a beginners class, do, but if not, just work to your own ability in the class. Let the instructor know you've not done it before. Get to the class a good 10 mins before it begins, so they have a bit of time setting up your bike for you. Bring a towel and water. Wear shorts or 3/4 length track bottoms - full length tracksuit bottoms can catch in the peddles. It's hard, and the first few times I did it, I thought I would collapse. But, you'll feel brill after it, and after a couple of classes you'll be well able for it. Best of luck :thnk