Spots... any reasonably priced products to recommend??

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Snowball Posts: 79
Have been suffering with spots for what feels like forever at this stage but am sick of spending a fortune on lotions and potions that don't actually work that great. At the moment I am using the clinique anti-blemish range but it's pricey enough (which wouldn't bother me if I thought it was worth it IYKWIM). My skin does seem to have cleared up somewhat but I am not sure if that's to do with clinique or if I am just growing out of it (please let it be that!!!) So my question is does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced products that they have found worked for spots? I am willing to give it a try on the basis that my wedding is a good bit away yet so I have plenty of time to try something new. Any suggestions would be appreciated O-O
Here\'s Hopin\' Posts: 19
Hey there, my vote would go to the Clarins pore minimizing range. I love the roller balls - you get 2x 5ml treatments together in a box for €20, but they do last for a good few weeks. The serum in this range really works too (I think its about €25)... using the 2 of them together really helped my sking to clear up before my wedding.... and i had tried almost everything at that stage. I also have the moisturizer but to be honest, I don't rate it as highly as I do the serum & roller balls. Hope this helps :thnk
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Hi, I use Nimue products such as the cleanser and exfoliator and find them brilliant. They are not the cheapest however but I find they work. My skin was very oily in parts and it's sorted it out. I've also started using Garnier moisturiser for my chin - the blue one which is for blemishes. I find it excellent and only €6.99 in Tesco.
Caca milis Posts: 68
My sis has a touch of acne and was recommended to use La Roche Posey Effeclar range. Got it for her at the weekend so ill keep you posted as to how she gets on.
Caca milis Posts: 68
My sis has a touch of acne and was recommended to use La Roche Posey Effeclar range. Got it for her at the weekend so ill keep you posted as to how she gets on.
jo83 Posts: 11
I have start using Yonka cream. They have a great range for all different skin types and there is one for problem skin such as spots and blemishes. Not sure on price as i was given samples but seems to be good so far.
kungfucandy Posts: 91
Check out Dermalogica's Medibac range. Its specifically designed for adult acne and spots whereas a lot of other products are designed for teenage acne. Its all a bit technical but the causes are different and have seen great results with people using this range!
Snowball Posts: 79
Thanks for all the replies :thnk Going off to google all my options to try narrower it down :wv
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Hi, I also have same prob with spots around jawline and neck esp. I swear it has to be hormonal, esp the week before period and week after my skin isn't as bad, anyway started trying to treat the problem from within by taking Evening Primrose Oil and Chaste Berry supplements which have helped. Also switched to Dermalogica about 8 mths before my wedding, and found my skin took quite a while to get used to it. Last week I ordered [img:1uiqj4vy][/img:1uiqj4vy] & [img:1uiqj4vy][/img:1uiqj4vy] and found them excellent, prob the best Dermaologica products I've used along with medibac clearing lotion. Felt like they give my skin a really deep clean. ... liant.html Ordered them off here.
kkb2b Posts: 166
I went for a Yonka facial as i was having similar problems, and still am - however, i think its starting to clear up a little - i got some of the yonka products, while they are expensive, they are really lovely, not harsh like some products - i tried the dermologica but i felt it very harsh on my skin. Its a tough one, hopefully you'l find something that works for you... :wv