Spots on throat

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mrs pitt Posts: 164
Noticed last couple of days a white spot on back of my throat. Don't have a sore throat as such just a little uncomfortable when swallowing. Anyone any idea what could be? Haven't gone to GP yet as he's really quick to prescribe antibiotics and I'd rather try something natural to get rid of it. Have never had it before but feel well in myself
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Sounds like thrush. If you ask in the chemist you can use Nyastatin gel during pregnancy, not sure if you need a prescription or not. You could probably have the pharmacist look and check that it is what it is too. I didn't want to get anything like that when I had it so I actually treated mine with grapefruit seed extract from the health food store, manky stuff, but I found it did the trick, although I also found I needed to take extra vitamin c before it went. Also a good idea to take a strong probiotic as well and eat lots of yoghurt. Cut back on your intake of sugar and yeast too.
yippeeme Posts: 2139
If there are white spots then your throat is infected and i'd say it'll need an antibiotic to shift it. I suffered for years with bad throats, always thought i'd be able to clear them myself with salt/water, gargling TCP, tea tree oil in water, gargling disprin but in the end it always took an antibiotic to clear. I always had very bad pain with it though, could be at the early stages for you, it might get worse pain wise i'm afraid. I used to have to spit out saliva cause couldn't swallow anything and the doc would give me huge tablets to try swallow, it was torture, i'd be in tears trying to get them down, like swallowing razor blades. I've since had my tonsils out, best thing i ever did! Try those bits listed above but if they don't work you will more than likely need an anti biotic. Unless it's thrush though, then i'm not sure sorry!