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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Hi girls, i have reallys sore spots on my chest for months now, do any of you have the same problem, im not doing anything different, unless im lacking in some vitamin, i came off pill a few months ago but i had them before i came off it anyway, i always had oily skin and get spots on face but only getting them on chest the last few months.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I would recommend going to see your doctor it come be a form of acne and you may need to go on tablets for acne i recommend dianette as a contraceptive pill as well as combatting acne.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Thanks for you reply may 08 bride, i was thinking that myself as im up on all the beauty stuff and use the best of produts and look after my skin so i think i will take your advice and go to doc...Heard of dianette but i just would be afraid i would get side affects, so far no pill has agreed with me.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Well i went on dianette 2 years ago for my spots and i have to say im pretty happy with my skin now. Obviously i still get an odd spot here and there but its a huge improvement. All you can do is visit the doctor and go tru your options and see whats best for you then. I would def recommend giving the dianette a try for a couple of months and see how it goes both for the side effects and the spots. Good Luck !
Noeleys Girl Posts: 109
Hi December 07 I had a teribble problem with spots and clogged pores on my chest since the summer. I think it was from using the Johnsons tan moisturiser . A few weeks ago I started using the Dermalogica special cleanser on my face and chest and the result has been great. No more spots and the skin on my chest and neck looks really clear and healthy. Might be something for you to try. You mention that you are using the best products. Are you also cleansing your chest area ? NG
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Hi Noeleys girl, i am using the same dermalogica cleanser but not on my chest, I will start that now and see how i get on, thanks a mil.