Hi girls, used to post here before but took a break to sort my head out. Here I am back again hoping for some reassurance. After 3 first trimester losses I am now pregnant again. Had a scan on wed, had hb and measured 6w3d which is right for my dates. Thing is I have been having a small bit of tiny red flecks when I wipe for the last week, it's happened maybe about 6 times. I can't believe I never said it in the epu at my scan. It just hit me today that this could be a bad sign.rang the emergency room and I was told in 99% of cases once a hb is seen everything is ok....useless consolation to me though cos.I've had hb twice before. I was just told to come in if out gets heavy. Has anyone else had little specks of blood,pinky red, not bright red .(just on wipe, not on knickers ) and had.it all work out ok?. Thanks,.would appreciate any replies Foxym