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foxym Posts: 74
Hi girls, used to post here before but took a break to sort my head out. Here I am back again hoping for some reassurance. After 3 first trimester losses I am now pregnant again. Had a scan on wed, had hb and measured 6w3d which is right for my dates. Thing is I have been having a small bit of tiny red flecks when I wipe for the last week, it's happened maybe about 6 times. I can't believe I never said it in the epu at my scan. It just hit me today that this could be a bad sign.rang the emergency room and I was told in 99% of cases once a hb is seen everything is ok....useless consolation to me though cos.I've had hb twice before. I was just told to come in if out gets heavy. Has anyone else had little specks of blood,pinky red, not bright red .(just on wipe, not on knickers ) and all work out ok?. Thanks,.would appreciate any replies Foxym
elpi Posts: 748
Hi foxym I had spotting at 5 weeks on this pregnancy having had 2 miscarriages already this year but thankfully all is going well so far. It was exactly as you described, pinky blood and only on wiping. The hospital told me if not accompanied by cramping that a bit of spotting was common. I know easier said than done but try and relax. When I had the spotting at 5 weeks my GP put me on complete bed rest for a week to force me to relax and it did the trick. I know not easy now with Christmas but try and take it easy as much as possible.
magicstars1 Posts: 8
I had spotting from 6 weeks till 10 weeks. Spotting was on and off. A little everyday. Colour ranged from pink- brown - bright red. Had 2 scans. Both showing a retroplacental bleed. Sounds very scary to me but hospital dont seem worried at all. I am 13 +1 weeks. Trying to relax and hope for the best. The hospital werent concerned by the spotting at all and said it is only concerning if accompanied by severe cramps or if you are filling pads. I would contact hospital if you are concerned. Maybe another scan in next couple of weeks might reassure u. You should def take it easy of next few days.