spotting (sorry - have o ask)

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Mammypig Posts: 832
:-8 My little man is almost 8 months old and since going back on the pill 5 months ago I have been spotting throught each month. normally about 2 weeks into new packet. still getting normal period on the break but as i never had this before I was a little worried if it was normal! i'm on yasmin and needed a new prescription so got one last week and asked doc for yesminlite (due to weight gain and someone recommending it) she prescribbed it and said in passing to come back if i was having any problems with it including spotting. never thought to mention that was happening now on the yasmin. any ideas or recommendations?
b2b2011 Posts: 31
Hiya I'd almost definitely say it has something to do with your pill. Your hormones are probably all over the place since the pregnancy and maybe the pill you used to use just isn't effective anymore. I had spotting before and it was all to do with my pill - it just stopped working out of the blue >:o( I'd start on the new pill if I were you and if after two months or so you're still having the spotting go back to the doctor and explain everything