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mop1 Posts: 1564
when i got up this morning i started spotting, should I be as worried as i feel? What should I do? Also the last couple of days my boobs have been really sore but this morning they are fine :o(
surfergal Posts: 82
Hi Mop1 soory to hear about the spotting? I would ring your Doctor or EPU and see what they say, Im sure its nothing as it quite common to get some spotting. best of luck let us know how you get on. :xxx
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Same happened me, ring the hospital and ask to be connected to the early pregnancy unit. The midwife will probably call you in straight away. Seeing as you're so early though it could be hard for them to pick up a heat beat. If you ring the doc all he does is send a referral to the EPU and you get an appointment for two weeks later, which is what happened me, so I was 7 weeks, and they picked up the heartbeat no probs! Chances are its implantation belleding which is normal up to 10 weeks, but dont leave it hanging over you,. make the call now and you'll feel a lot better. :thnk
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Mop1 I had spotting at 10 weeks. Ring the doctor and see if he can get you in for a scan to check everything is ok. :xxx
totalnovice Posts: 787
I had spotting at 7 weeks and again just 2 days ago, understand completley how frightening it is. As the girls have said ring the Early Pregnancy Unit of your maternity hospital and they will talk to you and bring you in. We had an early scan at 7 weeks and they were able to pick up the heart beat and show us the scan. Best of luck
mop1 Posts: 1564
thanks for the replies girls :wv I went into my gp who sent me straight out to the hospital to get a scan. Because I was only 5+5 I had to have an internal :o( They couldnt really tell me much so I've another scan next monday. They should be able to see more then appraently, we'll just have to wait until then. In the meantime I'm still spotting and dying of boredom at home :-8 those of you who did have the spotting, how long did it last for?
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Rather than continual spotting I just had some blood when I wiped (sorry about TMI).
JT Posts: 397
Hi Mop, I'm similar to you - I'm 6 weeks 4 days. Had a bit of spotting but thought it would be ok. Then Monday had an amount of blood on my knickers. Phoned the doctor on call who advised me to go to the Early Pregnancy Clinic at the nearest hospital the next morning (I'm in the North.) Went in yesterday morning and had my internal scan and all was well. I got so paranoid that the sore boobs had stopped but you can definitely overthink it - I was grabbing them so much DH was beginning to doubt my sanity! Hopefully at the scan next week they'll be able to see more whenever you're a few more days on - it's amazing how much happens in a few days at this stage! Try not to worry - the nurse really put my mind at ease saying it could be mild cervical erosion and not to be worried (easy for her to say!) I'm still getting a bit now but am being positive about it. Are you off work? Hope it all works out for you next Monday
mop1 Posts: 1564
hi jt, thanks a million! Its stopped now since Thursday so I've calmed down a bit more now :o0 :o0 Im looking forward to the scan now tomorrow morning, once I'm told all is ok (P.M.A. :o0 ) I'll be a happy chappie
princesslala Posts: 90
I had spotting at 7 weeks when I wiped and it lasted for about 10 days! The doctor told me to just rest and wait and see. I paid for my own scan and they found a heart beat and even though the spotting continued for a few more days at least it put my mind at rest. It must have been implantation bleed or just old blood, as the ultrasounds couldn't find any other reason.