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oldwife Posts: 170
Glad to hear you spoke with a doc & he put you at ease. As I said I had heavy bleeds on my DS right up to 35 weeks & he's perfect! I had never heard it was that common until it happened to me! Still very scary tho! Best of luck Friday & take it easy up to then x
sunny1 Posts: 995
Hi, sorry to hear you're going through this. I know how anxious it can make you feel. I had similar to what you describe from 11 to 16 weeks. Had lots of scans, everything was always perfect, unexplained spotting. I also had crampy pain which totally freaked me out but again everything was fine. Everything settled at about 16 weeks and had great pregnancy after that and now have healthy little girl. Best of luck with scan!!
divalou Posts: 40
I also had spotting on my LO but everything was fine. I know it's frightening to see but I think it's very common. Hope you have a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy x
BellyBaby Posts: 77
UsineBB best of luck with your scan today x
Bolivia Posts: 66
Hope your scan goes well today UsineBB. I had brown bleeding from 6 to 9 weeks and it really scared me. I got scanned at the EPU and all was fine, but I did continue bleeding for a the 3 weeks. I'm now 12 weeks and all is well. I hope you're doing ok.
Flipflopflip Posts: 14
Been thinking about you today usine, hope all went well. X