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gemini chica Posts: 2581
Girls, I just went to the loo and when I wiped there was some pink spotting on tissue not heavy blood but blood all the same, am trying not to panic, have no pains, think I feel a pain now but I am pretty sure its just a knot of unease. I am due to fly tomorrow afternoon, what should I do? I know its a common symptom but I don't know when you should ignore it and when you shouldn't. Appreciate any answers, any of you ever get this?
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
hi GC try not to panic. would you ring A&E and just ask them. they might be able to give you some advice. sorry i have no answer for you, hope you are ok x
gemini chica Posts: 2581
The hospital I am with is private and I know there would not be anyone there at this hour, I think the only thing I can do, is not panic and go to bed and see what happens in the morning, if its still happening then its probably best just to go in as I would be too worried then to fly! Thanks for answering, just needed to get it off my chest.
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
yeah thats probably best. i hope you are able to sleep now. take care and good luck
Mumslove Posts: 528
I'm hope your okay, sometimes it's normal to bleed quite early in pregnancy for no reason and your pregnancy can continue with no further problems. I'm hoping this is one of those times with you. If your really worried you should go to doc on call to see what they think. Keep in mind that it's quite common to bleed after intercourse which happened me twice in my first pregnancy at 5 months and 7 months so if you've just dtd maybe it could be that I'm thinking of you and I hope all is okay with junior
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Nothing more since that one time last night thank god, so I think I will take it as normal unless you all think different?
1happywife Posts: 248
Hi hope your ok now. I also had a similar experience at 6 weeks I went to the toilet and noticed a small bit of brown blood on my pantyliner and also when I wiped there was some there I was terrified also. Like yourself it was only the once even by later that night it was gone and none since rang doctor the next day and she said that I was fine but if it happened again they would send me for an early scan. I have had nothing since so give your doc a ring for reassurance and hope it all turns out ok for you
Momma Posts: 427
Don't have experience to tell you but wanted to let you know am thinking of you and hope all is ok now! If in doubt call someone - its always reassuring to have a nurse / doctor tell you its normal. is there an equivalent of Nurseline in spain maybe?
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Girls, I really appreciate your replies and support. I called my own hospital this morning and they said they had no gynae on at the w'end (I knew this) and recommended I go to A&E in the public hospital, I decided I would as couldn't face a few days away that I was looking forward too worried sick, so in I went and she was so lovely. She examined me with the yoke you get for a smear (I hate them) and she said yes I was bleeding but she didn't feel it was related to the pregnancy but that it was my cervix bleeding, its hard through a different language but I have had this before where the cells on the outside of my cervix bleed easy, sometimes after DTD (but in this case it was from that, last time was a week ago!) so she felt it was defo this and that this can be treated but not during pregnancy, I assured her my smear in January was clear and she said it can just be brought on by pregnancy. She put some medication or something on and she did an ultrasound on my belly she at that stage didn't want to do a transvaginal one and aggravate things more, even though it gives a way better view. We could see the sac thats all she was like thats normal at this stage that thats all we can see that way but she wants me to go back on Friday to check the baby is ok but for now she is sure all is ok. I have a scan in my own hospital on Thursday so she said go to that too. I am glad I went, at least I did what I could and I know what the bleeding was from and put my mind at rest, we both left feeling reassured. Once again thanks for replying to me! heading to the airport soon, so have a great weekend :lvs
milis Posts: 7998
Glad to hear you got reassurance. enjoy your few days *)