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zeppy Posts: 52
Hi all I'm getting a lot of spots on my back lately and am starting to worry cos my dress will show a lot of my back. I've been exfoliating it every morning and moisturising. I haven't been eating any junk food (no chocolate for 8 days so far - a record!!). I've no other ideas how to get rid of them. Can anyone help with advice?
Heln Posts: 2
I'll probably get killed for suggesting this but have you considered sunbeds? I tend to get them occasionally and find the only thing that really clears them up is a bit of sun.
jjSillyWan Posts: 35
Some contraceptive pills are great for helping clear up your skin example Yasmin & Dianette. This option might not be for you and but chat to your Dr. he may have other suggestions. Be careful about over exfoliating, this can be quite drying on your skin.
islabelle Posts: 171
Hi there - I feel your pain, I suffer from the same. It seems to get worse with stress. I find that taking Beta Carotene tablets help me. You'd need to be taking them a good few weeks before the wedding. Plus its great for your skin on the wedding day. Just don't take more than is recommended on the bottle or theres a chance you can turn an orange colour! :wv
McLisa Posts: 1815
I would be careful with the exfoliating, you could be drying it out causing skin to produce more oil. I had quite few spots on my back before and I got a medicated cream over the counter, it dried them out and cleared my skin up. I can't remember what it was called I think it was just a generic brand that pharmacist gave me
miss may b Posts: 528
I've had severe acne on my back for the last few years, brought on by stress. I started laser treatment a few months ago, I've my last session next week & the improvement is unreal, nobody can believe the difference. Definitely check it out. I paid €480 for 6 sessions with Advanced Laser Care.
cunninj48 Posts: 217
I have acne on my back and my wedding dress was backless, the doctor prescribed a cream called Duac & I'd highly recommend it, read the instructions very carefully.