Sprained ankle??

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EngagedAug2011 Posts: 58
Hi, Due to get married in 4 weeks and started running at xmas to get in shape. However, I think I may have sprained my ankle. It started niggling at me 2 weeks ago but being stubborn( :-8 ) ignored it and now it is really starting to hurt. Has anyone got any suggestions? Have been putting ice on it and that is helping. Gonna stay off the running for the week and hopefully it will get better. Do you think I need to go to the physio or will it repair itself? Also, since I'm staying off running/ walking, anyone any suggestions for exercise? So close to the wedding, I am raging!! Don't like swimming at all so that is out for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! O-O
daisy2012 Posts: 619
Ah you poor thing... thats such bad luck so close to the wedding... You probably don't need a physio for just a sprain - keep going with the ice regularly, elevate it when your resting and wear a support when your doing anything high impact (like running), although you probably should have a break from running for a few days. You should keep doing core stuff, so sit ups etc - how about an exercise bike for cardio as you are not weight bearing fully on your legs it will be easier on your ankle. Best of luck with it, and hope you have a great day in 4 weeks time!!!!