Spray bottle-recommedation

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mrs gerard Posts: 1669
Hey girls, just a tip on this, I read on here to get one of these and also our antenatal midwife recommended buying one to spray warm water and tea tree oil( I think???) when we pee after having the baby, anyway I got a really handy size one, I'd say about 75 mls, in boots today for €2 just thought I'd pass on the tip!
poster Posts: 311
Hi there, not to hijack your post, but I forgot my spray bottle when I went into hospital, so I used the ballygowan bottle of water i was finished with! It was the sports top bottle of water if you know the one i mean?! Desperate people come up with the best ideas!! Definitely recommend the tea tree oil in the warm water. You will feel so much better after it. Used the witch hazel a couple of times, but I think it did more harm then good? Just my experience?