Spray tan

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PSF Posts: 157
Hi girls, ok really silly question- :-8 it's fine to have a spray tan done when you're pregnant isn't it? Just worried about being over sensitive to it or inhaling it and it being dangerous for the baby!
happymammy09 Posts: 318
I got a spray tan when I was pregnant before. I only got it done for weddings and I was fine. I think they dont recommend it if you are getting it done every week?
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
I'm getting mine done on Thursday, i had a post here last week about some mixed answers but i asked the beautician and she said its perfectly safe!
Mamarella Posts: 30
Hi Girls, If you're worried about spray tan, it is possible to get a nice self tan in the health food stores. I can't remember the name, something like Lavina, but no icky smell of tan. The colour is nice and even and lasts well. I wouldn't be too worried about the occassional spray tan as long as the room is well ventilated, but the natural lotion could be an alternative, or a more regular option. HTH
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
Following an article in Harpers Bazaar I have started using Green People Organic (89%) self tan lotion which I bought in my local pharmacy...It is by far and away the best tan I have ever used. Completely natural and streak free... honestly...I can't recommend it highly enough.