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Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
Sorry for annoying ye girls and didnt really know where to post this..but was wondering has any of ye or anyone ya know had a squint operation (basically it my left eye thats turning slight outward) but when i wear my correct glasses it goes way to the west altogether and its really starting to get me down...so i've decided im going to get it operated on i have had one meeting with a private eye surgeon and have another with him the week after next but what he has said has worried me a little (im after researching this on the web) he said he is going to operate but will turn it in towards my nose rather than just straightening it so then when i wear my correct glasses it will go straight - and then when the muscle is strong enough i can have laser treatment and this will make the eye go straight - but my problem and question is will it go straight after laser??? i mean what if the muscle doesnt repair itself i wont be able to get laser and will have to wear glasses all the time ... oh sorry for rabbitting on so if yas know of anyone whos had it please let me know how they've gotten on
2009aug Posts: 10
Hi Bunnybaby, I had this operation done when i was about 7 and it was a great success. I remember that i had to wear my glasses for a while after complete with a patch so that the correction on my eye would set! I am not sure about the laser on it, i haven't heard of it being done that way but, it was 24 years ago that i had it done!!! It is so wierd to look at your eyes when they are straight i still think it was the best thing my parents ever did for me. I still get a great buzz when people tell me that i have nice eyes. The web is the worst thing that you can look up for any illness/ op, i would highly recommend it anyway, best of luck with it, you won't know yourself :compress
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
thanks 2009aug am just soo afraid im gona be left it looking into my nose as if that was the case i would rather leave it alone. ..but i will ask the surgeon again next week..im just so self concious about it but hopefully it will work out ok thanks again for the reply :wv
sugarpuffs Posts: 118
hi not sure of the implications of this operation as an adult but i had it done as a child. i had a lazy left eye and got it corrected. the operation wasn't a complete success, my left eye is still weak and when i get tired you can still see the turn in it and when i'm working i still need to wear glasses. however in saying that, that was 25 years ago so i think technology will have changed a good bit by now. my son is now waiting for the same operation, very bad squint but his eyes at the minute are not the same strength so he has to wear a patch now for a while, but the optician is very enthusiastic about how things will work out
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
thanks for the replies will just have to hope for the best xx :wv