ssssoooo annoyed!!!!

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lolo5 Posts: 109
Im sorry to rant but something happened today that just made my blood boil!!! i was ahving a rare day off work and had planned to have lunch with one of my bm's. now i live in an apt block and we have to park in an underground car park and when i came down this morning someone had taken all four wheels and tyres off my car!!!!!!!! Just so angry because we are saving so hard for the wedding and evrytime we seem to get on top of things something else happens!!! Who does such a thing!!!!!
lin2010 Posts: 46
So sorry to hear that lolo5...that's awful so it is...just when you think you're making headway...
streaks Posts: 3592
That's terrible lolo some real low lifes out there, hope your insurance covers it. :thnk
little squishy Posts: 559
ya poor thing! I feel your pain.. it seems to be one of those weeks or something. My neighbour crashed into my parked car two months ago and I just got it fixed, was driving home yest on motorway and a big rock hit the front of my car and smashed the head lamp and dented the bumper! then the other halfs jeep window got smahed on Fri (the 13th and the day of his 30th bday) and his wallet with 300 in it stolen and then today he was walking out of his office slipped and twisted his ankle!!!!!! :eek im telling you someone is not happy with us!
lolo5 Posts: 109
thank for your kind words was freaked out this morning wondering why us now i know it's just one of those things just angry now!!! unfortunatly we were told by insurance we had to pay first 400 ourselves only got cheap wheels put on so 420 euro in the end hardly seems worth while!!!
Diet_Coke Posts: 162
If it's underground, does it have CCTV or do you need a code or keyfob to get in?
lolo5 Posts: 109
no no cctv at all which is silly so been on to management about it and they say it's being put in soon too little too late!! you need a beeper or code which is the strange thing so don't know how they did it!!
sugark Posts: 55
And here was me feeling cursing my rotten neighbours for putting their rubbish in my bin - poor you, that is just so awful. Hope that's all your bad luck for the next year gone and only good luck comes your way.
sarsarlou Posts: 179
I know EXACTLY how you feel! My job pays crappy wages for the work I do (a regional job) so saving is tough, especially when I am getting married a year from today...I came home, off the train from Cork to Galway and found thugs had tried to rob my car, smashed the windows and tried to hotwire it, but failed, they couldnt get past the immobiliser! fools! so now my car is a write off they WRECKED it and I have to go buy a new car, which is all the savings for my wedding so far!! These do they get away with it???? >:o(
dollface2012 Posts: 51
oh no ! thats just horrible!! So sorry for you esp frustrating when you pay insurance every year to not have them pay out! Live in an apt block too, and we have fob entry only I thought the car was safe but Im thinking again now! Dont let it get you down, nothing you can do about it just get the new wheels and forget about it, chin up :-8