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jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
Hi ladies, Have transferred to St. Finbarrs outreach clinic for my next few appointments. I know it's a big complex, so just wondering can someone give me directions to where exactly the clinic is? I happened to be passing last week, and took a drive around and didn't see ONE sign telling me where to go! I had assumed it was in the old Maternity hosp? Also, how did ye find it there? Im assuming it's a lot quieter than CUMH?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :thnk
Newmam09 Posts: 139
hi jess_gal2009 i went to finbarrs for alot of my appointments on DD, so much easier and way quieter hoping I'll be offered it again this time round. As you drive in through the entrance the clinic is in the buildings on the left hand side after you drive in. There were sign posts there but cant remember what the building was called. You have to drive down a little lane towards it. Parking is fairly tight there but its free (well it was!)