St. Tropez or Fake Bake

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shiv Posts: 22
Hi, I'm sorry but I am completely obsessed with fake tan these last few weeks. I already posted last week about trying to get the fingers and toes perfect, and so I tried out some of the suggestions I got here and they worked great. Now my question is who prefers St. Tropez and who prefers Fake Bake. I have been using Fake Bake and it gives me a nice colour but I really want to try out St. Tropez (doing it myself), but not sure of how the colour will come out, is it darker or lighter, etc. All thoughts welcome :) Shiv.
Perci Posts: 3847
I've had both done. St Tropez was paler than Fake Bake, although I felt that Fake Bake started looking very 'dirty' after a few days which didn't happen with St Tropez. I think it really depends on your natural skin tone. I got them both done in a salon but I wasn't happy enough with either of them to risk it for my wedding. The other thing is that Fake Bake came off really badly on my clothes but St Tropez didn't.
shiv Posts: 22
Hi, thanks for your reply I think maybe I'll stick to the fake bake as its always turned out nice for me. Thanks, Shiv.