Stabbing pain in chest on left hand side

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Mrs SomeDaySoon Posts: 117
Has anybody else had a stabbing chest pain on the left hand side? I had a cold last week and was wondering if it has something to do with this or of it is something more serious. It hurts when I breathe in or when I laugh. Last night was impossible for me to sleep on my left hand side as it hurt so much. I am feeling somewhat better today but still worried if it is something to do with my heart or my lungs????? Any advice appreciated.
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi I would go to doc and hget it checked, just to make sure that the cold hasn't gone to your lung. I had that once and it always hurt trying to sit up, it was best to sleep with head raised as there was fluid in lungs. It might just be that you've pulled a mscle maybe from youghing and sneezing, you could have been kind of holding back on the sneezing IYKWIM so Just to be on the safe side wold get it checked out. Get well soon, F :wv
Mrs SomeDaySoon Posts: 117
thanks ferdi, i am just back from the hospital and thank god it just seems to be some sort of pulled muscle or muscle tension and my heart and lungs are all ok. am now on the sofa with a hot water bottle taking it easy and relaxing. have a lovely weekend!
lil-star Posts: 3149
Omg i had this last week!! its so scary isnt it, i was lifting really heavy shelves and never copped on why i was so sore, i had it for 3 days and on the forth i couldnt move and breathe and went straight to the doc!! All better now though, take care of yourself!
All Loved Up Posts: 135
Thats really weird. I had this Friday night, started early in the evening and got worse as the night went on. Woke up loads during the night and was really stiff on Sat morning. Like that I was worried about the heart but once I'd had a shower and moved around a bit it eased up. Sat night not as bad and it had more or less eased up yesterday. Frightening enough. Hadn't thought that it could be sneezing, I've been doing loads of that throughout my pregnancy.
Mrs SomeDaySoon Posts: 117
well the pain is easing and i reckon another one or two days and i won't have any more complaints. is a relief that it's just a pulled muscle. am now looking forward to my next scan in 3 weeks before i go on holidays. so look after yourselves girls.