stalker friends-anyone have one?

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taytos Posts: 114
Hi Girls Just thought I would start this thread and see if any of you ladies have experienced similiar. Stalker friend, who wont leave you alone, expects you to do everyrthing they want and if you cant... they start the emotional bull. This one friend uses her children against me if i fail to visit her. She dislikes the fact that I have other friends and i swear doesnt even acknowledge that I have a family too and expects me to put them on the back burner and rush to her whenever she clicks her fingers. She will invade my family gatherings at every oppourtunity and allow her children to run riot while she sits on her fat bum yapping and complaining about crap. So after years of this I have now managed to distance myself from her. The last time we met for coffee all i got was ' I have made a real friend' bla, bla, bla. I cant help but feel guiltiy but she is really -or should that be- was a stalker friend! I just wonder how long this frind will last before she feels strangled. :mrgreen:
Hepburn Posts: 4081
I do have a freind who is extremely demanding, and draining. Expects me to read her mind, and know when she is down etc. There is always, and I mean always a drama going on in her life, be it work, home, or men, and she is forever falling out with people. The part that bothers me most is that even though I see quite a bit of her alone, she really dislikes if I see any of the other girls alone, and will ask why she wasn't invited over, or out for lunch. I do feel quite smothered by her, but when she is in a relationship it eases off.....
taytos Posts: 114
Its really draining isint it. I just had enough and decided that I could nolonger take it anymore as no amount of talking would work. I was going through a pretty difficult time a while back and all she did was speak at me about her issues which were- i hate the colour of my kitchen, i want wooden floors through the house, bla bla bla....
starfish Posts: 65
I was actually thinking of starting this thread!! I met this particular friend through work and we are very close and work together in very close quarters but recently I've noticed shes only interested in things about her and everything is a drama. She needs constant reassurance about her looks even though she is a stunner!! The worst part of it is that she thinks nothing of calling out to the house to me without even a phonecall. This could be after we have gone out for coffee after work and have literally just left each other. :shock: DH just scarpers upstairs if he sees her and I dont blame him. He says that she is the most self centered person he has ever known and that all the reassurance from me is just a way for her to stoke her ego. At this stage I feel like a prisoner in my home!! The thing about it is she is very needy and this sounds strange and is quite possessive of me and if I said anything to her she would need therapy. Reading back on this I sound so bitchy but she is a lovely girl and I do love her its just that it shouldnt be so much hard work. I mean i have my friends who i have grown up with and my friendship with them is nothing like this. Sorry about the long post but this has been bothering me for a while and obviously I just needed to vent!!
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Not me personally, but my daughter had a friend who was acting pretty loopy. The friendship has fizzled out and I'm glad. Her friend was obsessed with her. Constantly texting her and phoning her. My daughter had to turn her phone off to get any peace. My daughter would tell the friend that she couldn't go out with her as we were going into town, we'd arrive in town, and suddenly the friend would be there too. Absolutely freaky.
one year married Posts: 133
There are a few of them knocking around :lol: I have this ahem *friend* who is soo self obsessed its not funny. She could be on the phone for an hour and I wouldn't get a word in edgeways. Some of the things that annoy me about her. -When she was getting married we heard every little detail for almost 3 years...but did she show a blind bit of interest in anyone elses wedding? Not at all. - She is a SAHM and money is tight for them. She knew this before she quit her job but went ahead. Fair enough, thats her decision. She constantly makes nasty comments about how we are loaded, isn't it great that we can do x & y, have two cars etc...but I didn't f**kin ask her to stay at home. - She phones our house at all hours of the day and night. I've told her lots of times that we lie in at the weekends...but she rings early anyway telling me shes been us since 7 or whatever. She phoned me at 9am the morning before my wedding to ask me to do her a favour that I'd nothing else to be doing :roll: . - She didn't go to our wedding because we had a no kids rule...she had a no kids rule at her own wedding but conveniently forgot that. I only invited her to keep the peace as we have a mutual friend who . - She has phoned our house up to 10 times in one day. She never leaves a message and likewise when she rings my mobile. She found out from another friend that I was off work for a few weeks and proceeded to ring almost everyday, starting at 9am and ringing every hour. I had to unplug the phone in the bedroom. Thank god for caller display as I've now had it with her and decided to ignore her. I think one month on she might be getting the message ;) I was speaking with a mutual friend and let rip about this girl. She is having the same problems. The other friend is a working mum and keeps telling X that she'll ring her back during the week...only for X to ring again the next evening.FFS its hard enough being a working mum, trying to spend time with babs before bedtime without that hassle.
MRS H TO BE Posts: 1410
Ooh god Taytos you've described an ex friend of mine to a tee !! She actually used to cause rows between me & h2b as she would ring HIM during the day in work to say I hadn't called over or that I wasn't responding to texts etc! She would bad mouth other girls I go out with and then be nice as pie to their faces if I was out with them and she happened to appear :x In the end I just ignored her, I had too, I wouldn't mind but the things me & my h2b had to do for this girl was unreal, she was a fecking looper, still is & I'm well rid !
taytos Posts: 114
My god ...what do you think would happen if we got all these stalker friends together?lol... This stalker friend of mine got married a few years back and verbally invited my son along as well -then in the invitation his name was not mentioned and she didnt have the guts to tell me she did not want him at the weddding. Infact she said no kids, well ...we only turned up and their was about 3 tables of them. You know its her day, but when it comes to mine jesus it's world was 3 because I want a no kids rule mainly because her children run riot and she wont look after them. She wasnt impressed and I could see her talking the ass off of me behind my back. Mind you know that i have little to do with her its easier to not invite her! I uset to get phone calls every day on the hour every hour and it was me, me, me ,me....... I also know what you mean about them need ing therphy if you said anything to them.
Maud Posts: 857
That's just like a 'friend' of mine. She accuses me of being distant and won't get the message that I just don't like her. It makes you feel guilty alright. I posted on this subject a couple of months ago!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i didnt so much have a stalker friend but two totally weirdos that lied constantly about big things. one even told me she didnt make it to my 21st because there was an accident outside the venue of my 21st and another time she said she was in A+E i went up to the hosp and all tunrs out she wasnt there bloody weirdo. i wont even get into the other physco she was inter-bred.