Started Christmas shopping today!!!

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MrsBump Posts: 869
Hi everyone, was so excited I just had to share!! started my christmas shopping today, put a deposit on a santa present from my little one, a big toy kitchen!! and then I was in tesco's just after that and they had selection boxes and choccy santa's on the shelves!!!! I love it!! :o)ll anyone else started yet???
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
oh no seriously????? Christmas shopping in September shouldn't be allowed.
Oh Oh - I started in August :-8 Sorry but seen a couple of things at really good prices. To be honest I hate the whole "christmas shopping" in December when the shops are mobbed and tend to have it done by then by buying in bits and pieces. But then again I am one of those girls who start packing about a month before their holidays .............. :-8
nelswife Posts: 3869
Yeah i have mine started to, have a good few presents bought already, We had to do it, with pay cuts and all the weddings, hens, stags we have to attend this year we (I) thought i would get an early start on it...We also have loads to buy for!! Started picking up a few bits every month a couple of months ago
Yep think its a really good idea to spread the cost on things, especially if you have kids. Looking forward to Christmas this year as heading home to Ireland to spend it with my family. Spent it with husbands in France last year and although I love his family, there is nothing like being with your own.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I should've started by now, but as usual my sister is holding me up. It's my (adorable) nieces 5th birthday tomorrow, and her sisters (my beautiful Godaughter) 8th birthday on October 14th, so I need suggestions for them. I know my sister kept them occupied for a good while the other day, by plonking the Argos catalogue in front of them and asked them to make a Wish-List by putting thier names on paper and putting them in the pages of what they liked. Of course they've done a range of prices, but wouldn't realise that. I need to get hold of that list because that way I can get thier birthday and Christmas presents sorted in one go. Yes I know the birthday is tomorrow, but I won't get to see her until next week, so that's sorted! :o0 My fab SIL is one of those people that start shopping extra early and for the same reason as all of us - spread the payments rather than having to re-mortgae the house mid December to pay! We do Kris Kindle in our house because there are so many of us, and it's worked out brilliantly for us all. But I know if I ask to do the Kris Kindle "draw" now, I'll be told it's too early and that everyone will forget who got who - but I'd have a list of them.
cuteybride Posts: 213
I totally agree with starting early, too much going on now to be waiting til the last minute, don't need the stress on top of everything else. I do love the hustle and bustle around Christmas though. I have started, we do a thing in my family, because there are so many kids, we only spend 15 euro for eachother and get the kids something good ,and its great fun, get loads of slippers and scarves, so have started to pick up little things like that.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I would LOVE to be organised enough to start so early as I am always worrying where I am gonna get the money to pay for the presents. I must get my thinking cap on and think about who I have to get for, and what to get them and get started as it will take the pressure off in December. BTW - Your DD is sooo lucky getting a big toy kitchen for christmas! I loved these as a child, and being honest I still love them.
katgirl Posts: 1258
omg i have to start mine now, i should of started sooner, due bubs 20th nov so wont be able for traipsing around shops soon and after i wont have a lot of time, so i really need to get the finger out, trouble is i keep spying things for the baby and spend my money on that rather than christmas pressies :o0
bridee2b Posts: 2534
What, what, what :eek :eek :eek This talk of Christmas is freaking me out! I am one of those people who end up doing all my shopping in the week up to Christmas, and although I love :lvs shopping, I hate shopping when the shops are mobbed with harassed christmas shoppers O:| !!!