Started Lipotrim today

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silverstar Posts: 223
well bit the bullet and started Lipotrim today. Must say I found the first drink very hard to take. Started with the Vanilla and I must say it was tough going - took me 15 minutes to drink it. Have the chicken soup and strawberry drink too - didn't think I'd like the chocolate one. Anyway, was wondering if anyone can give me any tips on how to take it with feeling I have to gag? (sorry) Was really embrassed when I got weighted. Am currently on the scales in the chemist 16 st 13lb but on my scales at home I'm 16 7 - but think I'll go with their scales. Must say, am feeling hungry but trying to drink away at water. Anyone any advice for me please... R
Astra Posts: 1409
My only advice would be to stop weighing yourself at home. Just weigh in at the chemist. Our body weight can fluctuate at different times of the day therefore you should aim to get weighed at the same time each week. Best of luck with it though.
Justine Posts: 97
Hi and congrats, you'll be fine, the first week is the hardest. Take the previous advice and try and not weight yourself at home, you'll melt your head. I put a little coffee in my vanilla and it tastes fine, don't over do the coffee just enough to taste. Takes the edge off the vanilla. You should try the chocolate its not that bad at all. I leave the soup until the evening, made you feel like you were having a hot meal as opposed to a cold drink. Best of luck Justine.
Princess Posts: 170
Hi and welcome I put a tiny bit of coffee in my vanilla shake and it tastes like cappuchino (sorry spelling) I also put a tiny bit of curry powder in the soup and its fine. It is tough going but its worth it.
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
Hi Silverstar, I started back on it today after my weekend of boozing and eating all around me. It is hard do. I find evenings the worst as that is when I eat the most, but it is definitely worth if for the results. I want to loose a stone in three weeks...........not even three weeks, so I have to put my mind to it and do it. We are in it of luck!!!
silverstar Posts: 223
Thanks for that girls. Have found today very hard. Have been drinking away at water all day and just after the soup. Have found things repeating on me. Had the strawberry drink at lunch - sat at my desk and took it - didn't want others to see me forcing it down me. Really hope this is worth it and I have the willpower for it. But sure I'll give it my best shot anyway... R
Allimac Posts: 45
Hi Silverstar and welcome .... I find the best way to make the shakes is in a smoothie maker with some ice - they come out quite nice. At the start I couldn't stomach them but I think it was because they really need to be blended and I wasn't mixing them enough. I take the 3 shakes (the chocolate one is nicer than you might think) and I don't take the soup or the flapjacks. If you buy yourself a really large glass (say 1/2 a litre) and drink a glass of water before the shake and one after then you will be taking in at least 3 litres and if you have a few more during the day you'll find you have 4 or 5 litres of water before you know it. This should also combat any bad breath that you might get. In work I bring in a blender and if anyone asks I tell them I'm having "one of those healthy shakes". I'm now in week 4 and everyone knows I'm on a diet, not because of the shakes, but because they can really see the difference so I don't mind them knowing now. Best of luck with it .....
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Hello, I just heard about this yesterday and there is chemist in my town that does this (just checked). Can someone tell me what it involves?? from the sounds of things is it just eating shakes and soup in a day?? Would love to lose some of the weight, but be a bit worried with studying and working if thats all you can eat that id be a right off ..?? Thanks
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Silverstar don't forget to measure all your bits and pieces - Bust, Waist, Hips, Bottom, Left and Right Thigh and Left and Right Arm as they will also be an indicater of your loosing weight. Good luck.
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
hey Redfraggle, It's all you can have. Just the three shakes a day. I do find it very hard, but it does work. With studying and everything, I don't know if you would be able to concentrate. I know I find it hard to work when I hungry.