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fancypants Posts: 453
Hi - maybe I should put this in Mums thread but anyway was just wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions about starting solids. Think I will start DD today on some baby rice for her 11 am feed. Ok so here are my questions ( easier to put them down this way or will turn into a ramble!) 1. How long do I just give baby rice for one meal for? 2. When I up the number of times I give her food from a spoon ( eg start the morning feed) do I give her baby rice as well - untill she is getting baby rice every meal before introducing new foods?? 3. I know I add the formula to make the baby rice and she should drink the remainder of her feed from the bottle - is this the same for veg/ fruit purees? 4. Do I reduce the ammount of formula she gets as her food increases or should I keep giving her 5 7oz feeds a day ( including the bits used to make the food) 5. Also am using Aptamil as her formula ( she takes the Aptamil 2) should I move on to the Follow on milk ( it says for after 6 months??) when she is 6 months ( in about 2 weeks). Sorry for all this but this is a bit confusing! - And I want to get on top of it before she starts nursery when I go back to work - BOO HOOOO!!!! Which is in about 3 weeks!! - Groan!!!!! THanks a mil, FP
ros Posts: 749
Hiya! It is all a bit confusing at the start, but the only thing you've really got to remember is: 1. At the start, you are supplementing the baby's diet with solids, so not replacing, so at the start, just keep giving her the formula as you always did. During this transition phase it will seem like she never stops eating but it will eventually replace her bottles, but not for a long time to come. How old is she by the way? 2. Only start on solids if she is ready for them i.e. starving even though she has just downed her bottle in 4 mins. You'll know yourself as her Mammy. So to answer your questions: 1. Just as long as it takes for her to get used to it. Just a few spoons a feed or until you feel she's had enough. Then after a week or so, she'll be used to the consistency of something more solid so you can start her on pureed fruit/veg. We started on veg and kept going as didn't want DS to develop a sweet tooth. 2. Sorry not really sure what you mean here 3. Not the remainder - she should still have her full bottle feeds as always. You use only a small bit of formula as she's used to the taste and it will not be so strange for her then to taste it in babyrice. I never added formula to fruit / veg purees. Just water. No sugar/salt either. 4. Eventually, when you feel she is getting enough solid food into her, you can drop one feed gradually. But not until her eating solids is well established, a few weeks at least. 5. Yes Good idea to get on top of it before you go back to work by the way. Good luck and of course the above is only my personal opinion, how I did it following recommendations from friends, PHN and books. You do what's right for you and baby in the end. You'll know. It's a tad confusing but it falls into place after a few days/weeks. :wv
fancypants Posts: 453
thanks a mill! she is five and a bit months - i think she is ready - wolfing down bottles and startinf to wake a bit a night - which she never did before since starting to sleep through!- excellent child :o0 ok will brace myself for baby rice !
over the moon Posts: 676
Hiya FP, My DD is 6 1/2 months and I began spoon feeds at 4 months mainly because her bottles weren't filling her. I was dreading starting the spoon feeds and began giving her a few spoonfuls of baby rice with her 2nd bottle. She didnt really take to the baby rice so started her on Sunshine orange (from Milupa) which she loved and was soon eating a small bowl everyday. Gradually I started giving her petits filous and then moved onto pureed carrots and then mixed carrots with potatoes and so on. Now she's having something to eat with every bottle. She's on 4 bottles of 7oz and have tried weening her off one and replacing it with a cow n gate juice but she loves her milk so were back to the 4. I'm back at work 6wks now and am lucky that her childminder makes my dd a dinner every day for her so I only have to worry about the weekends. Every child is different and as a mother you will know whats best for her. We can only give you advice and tell you our stories but as they say 'Mother knows best'. Best of luck OTM
shocked22 Posts: 511
I really can't answer your questions but just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine has a little boy who is 7 weeks old today and she has been giving him baby rice for about a week!!! He is a whopper anyway and the bottles just weren't filling him!!! So I think every baby is different.
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
[quote="shocked22":fznioxm6]I really can't answer your questions but just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine has a little boy who is 7 weeks old today and she has been giving him baby rice for about a week!!! He is a whopper anyway and the bottles just weren't filling him!!! So I think every baby is different.[/quote:fznioxm6] :eek Is that wise? I know my sis was advised that on no account should she give her baby any solids before four months as the digestive system is not ready. A friend told me that the reccomendations in the UK are to wait till six months or when they can sit up properly by themselves. Of course every baby is different and Mammy usually knows best but 6 weeks seems very young. Also baby rice would be lower in calories than formula or breastmilk so no wonder the poor child is hungry!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
With dd I started on the meal in the middle of the day, not too early in the morning but more importantly not so late as to interfere with her bedtime late in the evening. I started on baby rice and then 3 days later carrot purree, then sweet potato puree, then butternut squash puree each after 3 days. Then, a week or so in, I started giving baby rice for breakfast and a puree for lunch. A really good tip for fruit purees is to chop up apple or pear say and put it in the microwave with a table spoon of water until soft (about 1-2 minutes) and then blitz with a hand blender or mash with a fork through a sieve. Make up tonnes in containers and freeze them. After about 3 weeks I started mixing and matching the different types of veg with potato to make a meal. I'd say within a month we were up to 3 meals although tea could be just a yougurt or fruit puree so not a huge amount of substance.
Ducky Posts: 2506
Hiya, I started DD on baby rice at 19 weeks as she is a big hungry girl and was guzzling formula which was doing her no good. I began with baby rice at the mid-day/lunch time feed and she loved it. I started my making it very watery and adding less milk so now she has to work a bit for it. She seems to prefer more 'solid' food anyway. I did give the remainder of the bottle with the feed, but she was having too much at 40oz a day, which has now dropped to 25-30 plus two meals. She likes fruit but it doesn't seem to agree with her and we often have colic and tummy pain in the evening after fruit so am sticking to veg and cereals for now. She now has rice or cereal for breakfast and carrot or other veg for tea but someone told me lunch should be the main meal? Is this right? If so, should I still give her tea as it fills her up nicely for bedtime!
shocked22 Posts: 511
Avril he is still on formula but he just wasn't happy with just that. He is just under 14lbs now and I think that is why. He is a much happier baby since she started giving him a bit of baby rice and I think in this case mammy really does knows best. I think we all might be a little bit too informed nowadays. I was talking to my future mil the other day and she has 10 children and a few of them were big babies who were on solids within 8 weeks too and she never looked back!![/quote]
fancypants Posts: 453
Well she just had her first go at baby rice and all went ok - she had a couple little spoons - spat a lot out and we had a lot of lip smacking and licking - she was more interested in the spoon! Anyway she had her bottle then and is down for her nap! I am living in the Uk and they do now reccommend not starting solids before 6 months - or at the earliest 4 months - Apparently they have not developed a certain digestive enzyme that they need before 17 weeks - but then again as someone said these things all change and mums do usually know best. Thanks for all the help!