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SandM Posts: 3
Hi. We are interested in having our wedding reception in the Station House Hotel In kilmessan. However we're worried about the size, especially for the afters. We will have 140-150 for the meal and 170 in total at the afters. The function room is much smaller than most other venues. We're worried that our guests might be very squashed and that the dance floor might be too small and that the place might just become too noisy for people who want to just sit and chat - especially older people. Has anyone been at a wedding there with this number of people...?? Thanks!
ladybusby Posts: 575
Hey we have booked the station house for our wedding. We are only having 60 but they say weekends are min of 120 so they must be ok with the numbers. If you search station house you'll get a few threads on them where people have had their weddings there if that helps :wv [url=] [img:wkzfpmnx];10704;116/st/20100803/e/I+marry+my+best+friend/dt/5/k/5f31/event.png[/img:wkzfpmnx] [/url]
SandM Posts: 3
Thanks a million!!
macer1ster Posts: 36
HI SandM, we have booked the Station House for our wedding, we are having 70 for the main day and 140 for the afters we have been told that there will be loads of room for everyone in the evening. O-O
angel1978 Posts: 1154
We have the Station House booked for May 09 and we are having 120 to 130. Have spoken to 2 people that had 140 and 160 and said it was just perfect. If the full amount they can hold is 180, then they must be able to fit 180 as for safety reasons it has to be passed.
SandM Posts: 3
Sounds good! I read through loads of the old posts and its practically all positive without nobody really saying that it was too squashed. Think we will go with it! Its such a lovely place. Thanks!