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Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
Am determined to get a few things organized for the wedding despite the usual madness at christmas... am trying to organize invites. I tried and lantz & daintree. Anyone know any other good websites for wedding stationary? Also, do the M&S invites have M&S on them?? Have heard these are nice though I think I'd prefer to go down the diy route... why make things easy for ourselves!! :o0
mtv Posts: 935
other wollies mentioned tesco for wedding invites. i was impressed with the price 8 for 13.99 (white and silver) and another style with a burgandy colour 8 for 20 approx. hope it helps. they dont say tesco on them.
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
tnx, must have a nosey next time i'm in, my local tesco is not v good though, is a smallish store and the shelves are never stocked. >:o( will have a goo though, thanks mill.
Star08 Posts: 423
if u come up with some ideas & get a few sample paper & envelopes sent out from daintree (or other places too)........... we did this and were delighted with the paper quality & what we made up. gl O-O
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
:o)ll any other ones??
2crazy Posts: 1478, do lovely invites, she is based in the States but the prices are very competitve. tesco have lovely wedding stationary and accessories also