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Playful123 Posts: 385
Hi ladies...looking for some help on this one. I gave up smoking when i found out i was pregnant and i'm nearly 7 mths gone and havent really missed them that much. Never been tempted all through pregnancy...BUT now that i'm nearing the end of the 9mths...i'm starting to think about them more and even seeing myself have 1 after the LO arrives... O:| I mean how stupid is that - ive done so well and id be mad to go back on them. So i'm wondering is there any other ladies out there who felt the same, and what did you do to stop yourself from wanting them or going back on them again? All suggestions welcome..thank-you!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
My MIL was a 40 a day smoker but gave them up for both her pregnancies. She went back on them pretty much straight away after the births. It's like anything, you need to give it up for yourself. It's great that you gave them up for the good of the baby but once it's born the incentive isn't there iykwim. You need extra help sticking to it. How about hypnosis? My MIL eventually gave up for good 20 years ago but when she felt her resolve was going she went for hypnosis and hasn't touched one since. She would have been a skeptic about it but it worked for her. Anyway, wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy. Keep up the resolve!
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Im off them nearly a year now and i still find it hard but knowing that i could end up on an nebulizer for the rest of my life (i have asthma ) is whats keeping me off them !!!!
Jawl Posts: 8881
Think about your little one and the affect it would have on him/her by you smoking. I know you wouldn't smoke around them, but even the residue from your breath/clothes can be damaging.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
My Mam is a big smoker. She has smoked since she was 17 and it’s slowly killing her. She is a young woman (only 56) and has the body of a 70 year old. I grew up listening to her coughing her lungs up in the morning, stinky of smoke and worrying so much about her dying too young. I’m even more worried about her now as she had a very scary episode a few months ago. She told me she had given up because of this but I’ve since found out that she is back on them. I hate seeing someone I love doing this to them-selves but I really don’t know what else I can do. I always said that I’d never smoke if I had children because of this….because I know what I went through my mind when I saw my Mam smoking. Maybe let this be an incentive for you. Set a good example for your children. Do you want your child to associate you with cigarette smoke and a bad cough and to be worried about your health? Do you want you LO snuggling into you and smelling stale smoke off your clothes and breathe? By the time your LO is born you’ll be off them almost a year- that’s amazing. It’s all the hard work done. Stay off them for your little baby and for yourself!
Playful123 Posts: 385
Oh thank you thank you all for your replies, they have really hit home! Columbo you've just reminded me of my childhood....My dad was a smoker and i remember listening to him coughing his lungs up when i was younger - didnt stop me from starting to smoke but i can use this now as my incentive to stay off them.... the last thing i would want is my LO hearing me go through that!! Sorry to hear your mam is back on them after having an episode, you forget how your actions affect the ones you love. Thanks again...luv this site for this kind of support!! :wv