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mayb2b Posts: 6
Okay all sorted now, it's off my chest, thanks for the replies, there's room for all opinions in the world, even ignorant pigs Neil :lol:
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
IMO I think you overreacted on this, I know what cards you were playing with as when my in-laws were over a while ago they were the only ones we had and were playing with them my hubby and his dad were having a bit of crack with them something along the lines of what your fiancé was saying! And my MIL and myself just ignored them, they eventual stopped when they new it wasn’t annoying us! Only benefit on playing with those cards is the men don’t look at the hands at all (there too busy looking at the women) and the MIL and myself won all their money!!!! I think if I were you I wouldn’t have risen to their childish play, that’s all they were looking for!
Fio Posts: 812
I also think you have over reacted slightly. I know the cards too, and have used them for a game of cards in my friends house. My hubbie and her fiance both had the usual to say about the different girls. But myself and my friends knew they were just trying to annoy us, so we ignored them and they soon stoped.
Fio Posts: 812
Oh i forgot to mention myself and my friends since got our own deck of cards, and its amazing how annoyed the boys got! In fact they refused to use them. :lol: Maybe you should try the whole 'if the shoe is on the other foot etc....'
mayb2b Posts: 6
I might try that with my own deck of cards then :) To be honest I don't think it would have bothered me too much if they hadn't started going on about their (very nice and attractive) colleague. I really don't need to hear about it and wouldn't do the equivalent to H2B although maybe he needs a taste of his own medicine :lol:
Sart Posts: 441
I don't think you're over reacting. I think your H2B was incredibly rude, disrespectful and hurtful to you. Pornagraphy is disrespectful to all women, allowing the exploitation of women for mens gratification. It teaches both men and women that females are merely objects for titillation and that sexuality is an acceptable medium of communication. Pornagraphy is tabloid fodder for the lowest common denominator. that aside, your H2B knew you found the conversation distateful and yet he continued. That above all else is disrespectful. To allow the macho crap in front of the lads to sit above your feelings on an issue. Personally I'd kick his head in. :lol: Only kidding. I'd have very strong words with him. As you saw how would he feel if the tables were turned?
maryc Posts: 118
You totally overreacted. If I was him I would be annoyed at you for telling him who/what he can or can't talk about in front of his friends
auntieflo Posts: 1
I would not be offended by the cards but yes the colleague talk oversteps a line!
mayb2b Posts: 6
as before.............
Guest400 Posts: 344
Unfortunately, human nature being what it is the more you asked him to stop in front of his friend, the less likely he was going to. Personally, I think you're overreacting. However we're all different and have different tolerances for situations. Explain to him why it upset you and suggest that he not do that in front of you. But do it at home, in private. C