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djdee Posts: 2118
I need to get a few creases out of my wedding dress & veil. I was going to bring it to a dry cleaners but as I am getting married in a month, I am really nervous in case they damage the dress. I have heard of hanging it in a bathroom with the hot shower running. Has anyone tried this? Thinking that this may be the safer option. I am so nervous. What about hand held steamers perhaps? any thoughts or comments please O-O O-O :eek :eek
Greece Posts: 1800
Double post sorry
Greece Posts: 1800
double post sorry
Greece Posts: 1800
God thats a tough one. My advice is to ask the dress shop where you bought it before you do anything as the might have a contact that can help you or something. ight be safest thing to tyr. Havent got my dress yest so not much help sorry but I think thats what i would do, they are bound to know! Good luck
djdee Posts: 2118
thanks disco bunnny, but you see I bought it second hand. I've had the dress hanging up in a suit bag for nearly a year, so needs to be steamed a bit. Its not mad creasy, I didnt notice it, but my BM's said it needed a bit of a steam. So I guess they know best.
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
The bridal shops use a hand steamer I think. Maybe put in a search on Google - its bound to throw out something Good Luck :wv
djdee Posts: 2118
Thanks, I'll do a google and see. I think I might opt for hanging it up in the bathroom with the hot shower running for a few minutes. I am so nervous though!!! I rang up a cleaners and they said they could do something for me, but I am still nervous as they might f*ck it up, and then where would i be four weeks to the wedding?! :o(
wedinjune Posts: 158
not sure about dress but if you just hang the veil from a height the wrinkles will fall out - mine did anyway and that is saying something as it had been borrowed and packed away in a box for over a year.
djdee Posts: 2118
Grand, thanks Rome June I will do that tonight :wv
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
The place where I got my dress told me a could use a low heat hair dyer to get out the creases. Am not sure if that would actually work though!