Stem Cell Preservation

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mammak Posts: 489
Hey girls Do any of you know much about this and whats your opinion on it? I know a fw people who've opted for it but i'm not sure if its really worth it or is it just scare mongering? Opinions please...
2calm Posts: 187
It is something I have thought about too. I haven’t enquired about it and don’t know what is available in Ireland but I do believe it is very expensive. In saying that, I am interested (at a very low and uninformed level) in biotechnology and stem cell research and know it is advancing at a fierce rate. And while the benefits of retained stem cells may be limited to a few dreadful diseases right now, there is nothing to say they won’t be able to cure a whole host of other diseases with SCs in the future and during our children’s lifetime. I had read an article which said it could be considered by people with a genetic disposition towards certain diseases/illnesses that they can cure with SC but again I don’t know enough… I was going to enquire about it at my next Ob appointment and then look into it in more detail. But any info would be gratefully received.
prianon Posts: 75
We have decided to go ahead with it.A company called Medicare 012014900 facilitate it.The total cost including the 20 year storage of the stem cells is 2780euro. The only hospital that you can do this in is Mount Carmel. We did alot of research on this and decided that we would go for it.I suppose you could look at it like health insurance.Something you hope you never have to use but fantastic to have if you ever need to.