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Shilanne Posts: 304
Hi all - Not sure if any of you are suffering from the same thing ...usually I am the picture of diplomacy at work - no matter how annoying someone is I will be the bigger person. must be the hormones cause I am so blunt at the minute - not unprofessional - just blunt :-8 i just re read a mail I sent to a little GIT in germany - I was very diplomatic - but was so pissed off at an email he sent where he was totally out of line - I said towards the end - 'I do not appreciate the tone of your email, for future reference to avoid any future misunderstanding please telephone me for clarification before you assume we are leaving you out of the loop' What a condescending wagon I was :-8 Still think he deserved it - but teh not pregnant Shilanne wouldnt have sent it - Ah well >:o)
newyearbabs Posts: 686
I'm was the same for a while but have now gone the other way I really couldn't give a F**K about work if I get anything that annoys me I ignore it! which I shouldn't really because I'm office manager :o0
Spooner Posts: 274
I'm the same - I would have let things go before but now I don't take any c**p from anyone! Our suppliers are all scratching their heads as I used to be really easy going before I got pregnant and they can't figure out what has changed!