Being the owner of a Day Spa and Beauty Salon, I see dozens of wedding parties and brides. The difference between success and disaster on your wedding day is often something unexpected such as scheduling incompatible treatments on the same day, or not having had a patch test or trial. So I’ve compiled a list of [b:26tltzuh]10 easy steps[/b:26tltzuh] to achieving beauty perfection on your day, saving you much needless stress and hassle. [list:26tltzuh]1. Start by finding a salon with most or all the treatments you need, and stick with it. They will keep a history of all your treatments and like a chemist will be able to isolate any beauty conflicts quickly. 2. If you must book last minute, make sure to use a salon specializing in weddings (example: hotels and spas). 3. Get a patch test for any waxing or tinting early on, to avoid any skin reactions. Every salon uses different products, so it’s in your best interest to get a patch test wherever you plan to get treatments done. 4. Trial your gel nails, waxing, tinting and tanning treatments at least twice before your last appointments. This will help you get used to the aftercare regime for each, plus give you realistic expectations for the day. 5. Leave your eyebrows to a professional to get the perfect shape, so your wedding photos won’t show up faults. Have your therapist begin a professional eyebrow grooming program starting 8 weeks prior to your day. 6. Book all your eyelash, eyebrow & wax treatments 48 hours prior to your tan treatments, unless otherwise advised by your therapist. 7. Book in for 2 to 3 facials within 2 months of your wedding, making sure the last one is scheduled a week from your date. Your skin renews within several weeks, and this period will give your skin enough runway to develop maximum benefits from the treatments. 8. At home, maintain the improvements achieved with professional facials by cleansing, toning and moisturizing religiously every day for at least 6 weeks prior to your day, and exfoliating and using a mask weekly. 9. If you are an older bride (30+), consider getting a series of advanced PhotoFacial & Chemical Peel treatments to rejuvenate your skin. You will absolutely glow on the day. 10. If you have unremarkable eyelashes, consider eyelash extensions, making sure to trial them 4 weeks beforehand.[/list:u:26tltzuh] Finally, AVOID the following: • Booking a tan without ever having trial tested it beforehand • Booking any waxing or tinting without a patch test • Booking a tan on the same day as any other treatments (apart from a tan exfoliation or basic nail file & polish). • Booking a wax treatment on the same day as a tan, body wrap or massage • Booking any beauty treatments apart from your hair and makeup on the wedding day itself [b:26tltzuh]Remember to encourage your bridesmaids to follow these simple rules too![/b:26tltzuh] Meanwhile, if you are planning a hen party at a spa or salon, make sure to book well in advance to ensure you get the treatments and appointment times you want for everyone. A good spa manager should make this easy for you. For more about my business, visit