[img:1cyb6pns]https://martingearjewellers.ie/wp-content/uploads/engagement-ring.jpg[/img:1cyb6pns] [b:1cyb6pns]Designing Your Own Engagement Ring[/b:1cyb6pns] Which steps are involved along the journey of designing your own engagement ring and where do you start? We have put together 11 of the most common steps our clients have taken. Find out more by reading our article [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/eleven-steps-to-creating-your-perfect-engagement-ring/:1cyb6pns]"Eleven Steps to Creating Your Perfect Engagement Ring"[/url:1cyb6pns] Happy reading and [url=https://martingearjewellers.ie/contact-martin-gear-jewellers/:1cyb6pns]contact us[/url:1cyb6pns] should you want to design your own ring... and not be charged high-street prices for it. Martin Gear Jewellers