Sterilising - what are the ins and outs ??

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Finished here Posts: 2860
Hey Girls, I am hoping to breastfeed but i assume i will need some bottles if i need to express. What methods of sterilising do you use and how do you rate them ????
Blackbird Posts: 5135
I have an Avent Steam Steriliser and it's quite handy. Only takes about 5 mins and bottles stay sterile for 6 hours (there is a 24 hour cycle but I never use it). Only thing is we use Dr Browns bottles and you can only fit 4 of these in, instead of 6, but that never bothered me too much either, I just did two cycles. I've been thinking of stopping sterilising but it's so quick that I just kept it up.
Delish Posts: 4176
Hi Fat frog, We have a steam steriliser and in fairness it is pretty good, but I think it said on the box it was a 5 minute steriliser or something like that. Word of warning if baby is crying out for a bottle it invariably takes longer. You wash the bottles, teats, caps, dodo's spoons etc first in warm sudsy water. We use fairy liquid anti bacterial. You rinse thoroughly, place everything in the steriliser put the water in and switch it on. It probably only takes 5 mins of steam to sterilise the stuff but then there is a cooling down period as well. the items are supposed to stay sterile for 3 hours. Not sure how this really works as you are opening and closing the steriliser . For a very small baby you need to be sterilising regularly. I am going to buy the milton bucket for the next baby. I didn't like the idea of the milton at first as there is a slightly bleachy smell from it. But that is what they use in the hosp. What you do is you fill the bucket up with milton or water and the milton tabs (not fully sure), you wash your bottles etc and place in the milton - but the beauty is you can leaver the stuff in there for 24 hours and it stays sterile. It takes 15 mins in the milton to be sterile. As everything is submerged you don't need to worry about new bacteria landing on anything. Babies don't seem to notice the bleachy smell and as I said this is what they use in the babies ward in the Limerick Regional Hospital anyway.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
same as blackbird
whackywoman Posts: 1496
same as blackbird except we have the Avent bottles. We have 7 of them (don't ask why the odd number) so only have to sterilise once a day normally last thing at night so we have bottles for the next day. Hardest thing is cleaning them out but the steriliser is great, although as was mentioned it may take 6 minutes to sterilise but it also takes time to build up steam and then cool down before being opened
aylala Posts: 3673
I have no kids yet but I’ve heard the girls In work saying you can use the dishwasher ( I would imagine without a tablet) as that has a boil wash? Anyone try t his
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
We used the Avent steam one as well. As for items staying Sterile for a set amount of time, from what I have read once you open the lid they are no longer sterile. I have also read that there really is no such thing as "sterile" but, that it is sort of as close as we can get. I found it very easy to use, we used Nuk wide bottles and 5 of them fitted in at a time. We stopped at around 5 months - he was licking the floor at that stage so there was no point :o0 FP
Blackbird Posts: 5135
I agree with FP, nothing is every sterile. I always felt that as soon as I took the bottles out they weren't sterile anymore but they're as close to it as you're going to get. I was thinking of switching to the dishwasher but it takes longer than the steriliser (ok, no washing bottles beforehand) and I wouldn't always have it on at nighttime when I do my bottle making.