Steroid Injection

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Jeidi Posts: 3128
Had to get one injected straight into my tendon in my arm as I had acute tendonitis and couldn't move my arm. Althought majority would have stayed directly in the tendon doc said some would pass onto the baby. Apparantly its the same injection mothers get if threatening to go into premature labour and it strengthens lungs..... is there anything I should keep an eye out for?
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Jeidi I'm absolutely no help but I wanted to say that I have acute tendonitis too but I managed to find a Chinese guy in Drogheda who specialises in a chinese-type deep tissue massage. I went to him for 3 sessions and my wrist is practically perfect again. It was so bad I wasn't able to use my left hand for anything. PM me if you want his details - he has a tiny practice with his wife and they both do the massage.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Thanks for that, touch wood I seem to be ok now. Got a little bit of pain back last night (right on time for work!) but nothing too major - will see how I hold out!