Still can't hear heartbeat on my doppler!

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gemini chica Posts: 2581
I am so p**sed off not being able to hear babs heartbeat on the doppler, have been trying for weeks, and can hear my own pulse in various places but no heartbeats, I have each time just been saying its too early but my doctors dates I am now 13 weeks and have just tried again and still can't get them and it frustrates me so much! I could see on Wed the doc was to the right side of my belly button and lower than it and thats were they were both lying but still can't find it. Can anyone give me any tips, everyone said don't buy the gel so I didn't and have tried it with baby oil, bio oil & ky jelly!! I would just love to be able to hear them.
bellatoscana Posts: 390
Gemini Chica I think those things are dangerous to use yourself you could end up really freaking yourself out. I had a midwife appointment on Thursday and she could not pick up babies heart beat using the doppler. I was trying to stay calm while she was checking which was not easy. She sent me for a quick scan to ensure everything was ok and baby had its back to us which is why the doppler didn't pick it up. And thankfully everything was fine. It could be the way the babies are lying you can't pick it up.
sunsparks Posts: 2196
I echo what bellatoscana said - you shouldn't freak too much. Your placenta could be lying to the front, which would block the noise of the heartbeat, or your baby could be lying in an awkward position. When I was trying at your stage, I used to have the doppler almost below my hairline (sorry TMI) and would have to work very very slowly upward from side to side to try and pick out the heartbeat. It's real hit or miss whether you can find it. Have you checked out websites to see what it should sound like - it's like a horse galloping. Anyway, don't worry too much. And I know that's difficult.
Gingham Posts: 3014
hey gemini, I couldnt hear it for ages aswell....the night before i went in for my first scan at 14 weeks, I heard it and it was really distinctive.... I tried again a couple of days later and i couldnt hear anything again. Now i can hear it all the time... dont get yourself stressed over all depends what way the baby is lying and also your placenta.... just to say i always use the gel and plenty of it..if i dont I can't hear anything..
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hiya I'm a big fan of the doppler BUT the first few times, it could take me up to an hour or more to find. From about 12-13 weeks, I could find it after some effort but baby will move away really quickly so you may not hear it for very long. You have to get used to all the sounds in there.. your heartbeat, the 'whoosh' of the placenta, little movements and 'kicks' and the echoey silence. The important thing is not to worry at all if you are struggling to find it because it takes ages and really depends on how baby is lying. I found too that I have to look really, really low down and sometimes angled at a tilt, almost as if looking under the pubic bone. You need to move it very slowly too. I wonder if you are struggling because you have no gel? 13 weeks is still pretty early! Don't worry!
mummytime Posts: 3149
[quote="mrsbean":omrgnt2n]Well, Thought I'd write a review of this product as I wanted to find a detailed review to read myself before buying it and couldn't. I've been v nervous so far as I had early bleeding and an EPU scan at 8 weeks. Having a 12 week scan in two weeks but have been worrying myself silly about a mmc. I read lots of reviews that it was mad to buy this, what would you do if you couldn't find the heartbeat etc.. BUT having thought it through and read the huge amounts of evidence that if you DIDN'T find a heartbeat (even much, much later into the pregnancy) it was no biggie, I thought I'd give it a go just for fun. I ordered it yesterday from Amazon who estimated dispatch as 28th or 29th, so factoring in needing to pick it up from the post office as there would be no-one here to pick it up, assumed I wouldn't get my hands on it until Thursday when I'll be 11 weeks + anyway. Turns out Amazon were ultra efficient and the postman knocked on our door this am at 10 with the box in hand. Needless to say, curiosity got the better of me, so upstairs I went armed with monitor and ultrasond gel. Listened to my heartbeat for a while so I'd know what it sounded like then got going. Rummaged around for a good 10 minutes, then heard my own pulse whooshing away - could hear it low down (just above the knicker line) on both sides. At first I wasn't sure if it was just my pulse as it sounds different to up in your chest, and wondered if it might be the placenta but having had a good rummage round dh's belly and finding similar, realised it couldn't be. Came downstairs to search Internet for tips on what I needed to listen out for, and found out that many people recommend using your Ipod earphones as they're clearer. Listened to this which gave me a better idea of what I needed to listen out for, also confirming I had just been listening to my own pulse. Went back up again, armed with more gel and the earphones. It took FOREVER (easily 40 mins) but finally, when I used LOADS of gel and angled it down into my pelvis from the tip of the pubic bone (in a line down from my belly button), I heard the galloping hooves I'd been waiting for - bang bang bang bang. Very distinctive and different to the whooshing sounds and my own pulse. It wasn't as loud as on the recording above but I'm guessing my bean is still tucked pretty far down into the pelvis. I kept losing the exact spot and dh and I nearly came to blows over it because ** WARNING ** the Ipod earphones would blow the head off you, they're VERY loud. :lvs But there's definitely a lil beating heart in there! :lvs PS I have quite a bit of belly fat and bloating right now (size 16 at the moment) so this probably made it hard enough as fat slows down the transmission.. I did need to persevere a LOT and it would slip away in an instant so if you do use this and don't find a hb just don't flip about it. It's a nice extra if you get it but babs can easily hide on you![/quote:omrgnt2n] i couldn't find the heartbeat for weeks before i did a search on WOL and found this post from Mrs Bean and then found the heartbeat straight away. Basically i moved the doppler in a line down from my belly button and found the heartbeat in my pelvs. :thnk mrs bean. HTH Gemini however as others said, it is early and there could be many reasons why you might not be able to find the heartbeat at these early stages.
milis Posts: 7998
Most doctors who are not trying to frighten people will not even try until 16 weeks. My hospital won't try until 18 weeks. Honestly, don't worry at this stage if you can't pick anything up!
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Thanks girls I was just disappointed, something I didn't take into account was that they move around, which I have seen in the hospital, so I will just leave it again for awhile, I couldn't last an hour searching I find the dopple too slippy to hold for too long and also a bit sore after awhile pressing down! Thanks for all ur answers, am just so tired today think that added to frustration!
Babystar Posts: 195
Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding the heartbeat - I'm sure its frustrating, but apparently it can happen a lot. In some of the reviews I read about the dopplers, they suggested strongly to use the gel. A couple of people had no luck until they got the gel - so maybe worth trying that? Good luck - hope you hear it soon.
mrs butterfly Posts: 223
hey.....i had hit my bump a few weeks ago and even tho i could fel both my babies moving scan sent me for a scan coz he said its hard to find and distinguish the heartbeats with twins.....they said the same at the hospital.....both mine were fine.....i really wouldn't get caught up in hearing ur stage they will be moving around all the time may be harder to find......sure when i was 12wks the sonographer missed one baby at the start of scan.....not until after alot of probbing did she find the other baby......