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CCAF Posts: 502
Hi girls, Im 11 weeks pregnant and apart from one bout of morning sickness i have had no symptoms at all. I am a little tired and my boobs are a bit bigger but other than misssing a period i have absolutely no other symptoms. Do all doctors have a doppler to hear a heart beat - i have mada an app for tomorrow as i am a bit worried.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I wouldn't be too concerned pander.. a few of my friends had absolutely no symptoms at all with sickness or sore boobs etc in the early stages of pregnancy - all had perfectly healthy babies... coming from the other side I was so ill and would not wish it on anybody!! Just enjoy your pregnancy.. trust me symptoms will kick in eventually even if it is just difficulty dragging yourself up and down the stairs once you get bigger!! Try not to worry and best of luck with it :wv
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi Pander, most doctors won't try to hear heartbeat until at least 14-16 weeks as it can be v difficult to find and they don't want to cause undue distress to mum to be. It is v normal not to have many symptoms. No everyone has ms everyday and night. You do have some symptoms with the tiredness and boobs so don't discount them. Tell your doctor about your worries and hopefully they will be able to reassure you. Good luck. :wv
Ceana Posts: 1387
Hi Pander I had no serious MS at all, only nausa every few days & feeling tired - that is all thankfully gone. My doctor was able to hear the heartbeat - just got to hear that last week and it was unbelivable. So I would think that all doctors should be able to check this.