Still worried after scan at 7 weeks today!

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Wanna Bump Posts: 117
I’m 7 weeks and 1 day pg and yesterday I had a small bit of blood in my pants when I went to go the toilet, when I wiped myself it was totally clear (sorry for the TMI) :-8 . There has been none since. I rang the hospital last night and the nurse gave me a phone number to ring this morning for an appointment for a scan. So I had an appointment today at 1:30pm. I had a transvaginal scan done as the doc said at this early stage the abdomen scan won’t be as good and clear. This was a little uncomfortable but ok. It’s like a wand that’s inserted just inside the vagina. :-8 So I had the internal scan done and it took forever for the doc to see anything she kept looking strangely at the screen trying really hard to see something. She then said that there is a baby there and a heart beat but not a strong definite heart beat I wanted to cry when I heard this :o( ….she did point out the heart beat and DH and I saw it. She said that it was a bit small and she would have expected to see a bit more at 7 weeks at this stage!!! She did say that since there has been no more bleeding that’s good and that the fact I’m having morning sickness almost all day is a good thing too. But after this scan I feel more worried! I have to go back in two weeks and hopefully she’ll see more then but I don’t know what to think now I feel like I’m going to be torturing myself for the next two weeks… I don’t know what to think. Is there anybody else out there that had a scan at 7 weeks and couldn't really see anything? Sorry for the long post I just feel so upset now :o(
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
WB is there a chance you're not 7wks yet? every day makes a difference at this stage. when i had a scare i thought i was 6 weeks but she measured the sac and said i was only 5wks. try not to stress. its not good for you or your bean. it could be something as simple as wrong dates seeing as they never know exactly when you conceived so your dates always changed slightly
Wanna Bump Posts: 117
Hey M thanks for the reply. I was using an OPK so I knew exactly when I OV'd so I'm pretty sure I'm 7 weeks its been 50 days since the first day of my last AF so that all makes me think I have the right amount of weeks. Doc did say it could be a week or so the other way but I was just so sure I'm 7 wks. I'm trying not to stress and had lots of support from DH but I just can't help feeling upset I hope that everything is going to be ok.
theoracle Posts: 7664
That sounds a bit unusual, as in normally they would tell you how far along the baby measures; rather than saying 'this is not what it should look like at week 7' they would say sac/baby measures x weeks and x days, they usually adjust the dates according to the scan anyway, regardless of your LMP or OPK dates. Have you actually been seen by somebody in EPU or just a doctor on duty? In my experience there is a big difference in delivery of the scan and also in how good they are at picking up details, as I had emergency scans done by docs and normal scans doing by a professional scanning person. I would say the fact that there has been a heartbeat is a positive thing, and also having had bleeds throughout my last pregnancy, it is not necessarily a sign of something untowards happening. I know it is hard as you have to wait a couple of weeks - an eternity away - but stressing out will not do you or the pregnancy any good. Look after yourself.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
try to stay positive hon, the main thing is that there was a heart beat :lvs and a little bean there....there is a big difference in the machines they use-sometimes the machine is old and the pics of babs aren't clear or you could be lucky and get a swanky new one and see 5 times as much I hope the 2 weeks go quick for ya, try not to spend them stressing sending you hugs! :xxx
benny313 Posts: 821
Oh Wannabump, hope your doing alright. Try not to worry to much I know easier said than done. But you did see heartbeat which is good. Maybe the little babs was just trying to hide! Thinking of you *)
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Try not to worry. I had bleeding for the first 3 months and everything was fine. You should be able to see alot more at your next scan. I had a scan at 10.5 weeks and could see alot. it also depends how good the scanning machine. The heart only starts beating around 7 weeks so try not to worry about it not being strong.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
You poor thing :lvs Could you go to your gp, explain what's been happening & ask him/her to take some bloods to measure the level of pregnancy hormone in your blood, go back in a couple of days & see if the hormone levels are increasing as they should be?? Or ring your EPU and ask for another scan? 2 weeks is a long time to expect you to wait. Really hope all is well xx
Emme Posts: 4735
[quote="hu101"]That sounds a bit unusual, as in normally they would tell you how far along the baby measures; rather than saying 'this is not what it should look like at week 7' they would say sac/baby measures x weeks and x days, they usually adjust the dates according to the scan anyway, regardless of your LMP or OPK dates. quote] Agree totally! And at 7 weeks a heartbeat is all you'll see like a little flicker on the screen! I just saw a flicker at 7 weeks but the doc told me I was 6W 3d at the time even though I was 100% sure of my dates. A week before they couldn't even see the baby. I had early scans cause of a tiny bit of pinkish blood. I've had 'bleeds' (spotting) of red blood since but it turns out I just have polyps. 2 weeks is a long time to wait though from the point of view of being worried, can appointment be brought forward?
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Wanna Bump, I was bleeding at the weekend and they said it was erosion of the cervix rather than anything to do with the baby, but I am still nervous, I have a scan (transvaginal too) on Thursday and I will be 7w 1d so I will let you know what they can see at mine, its so hard not to worry but we have got to try :lvs Edited to add they gave me an adominal one on Saturday and could only find the sac as at the early stages the transvaginal ones are way clearer. So she was not worried at all by this, on Sat I was 6w 3d.