Stomach pains at 4 months

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over the moon Posts: 676
Am going on 17wks pregnant tomorrow & have been getting sharpish little twinges in my belly the last few days. I read up that it is very common at this time of pregnancy for ligaments to stretch and am wondering if that's what's going on. Just want to know if anyone else out there is experiencing anything similar. [url=][img:sdx7xlu5][/img:sdx7xlu5][/url:sdx7xlu5]
summer days Posts: 112
Hi over the moon, Yip I had these too.. Doctor assured me that they were stretching pains. She said that as long as they are not accompanied with bleeding that I should not worry too much. They settled down after about 10 days.. The next day I felt the first movements (amazing feeling!!)
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi Summer Days, Thanks for the re-assurance. I had a feeling that they were ok especially as have no bleeding but just wanted to make sure. Now I can't wait for the baba's first movements. :D :D :D [url=][img:29oy0icb][/img:29oy0icb][/url:29oy0icb]