Stone fell out of engagment ring...

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Sine30 Posts: 11
Hi all. Looking for some advice please... We went looking at wedding rings at the weekend (not where we got my engagement ring). The lady in the shop said she'd clean up my ring for me, which of course I was delighted with as it was blinged up alot more than usual then. Carried on looking at rings so long story short they will get rings in for us and be in contact with us so we left the shop. About half an hour later I was looking at my ring admiring how blinging it was and I noticed one of the tiny diamonds from the shoulder was gone :o( Went back to the shop and she took it off to where it was cleaned and got the owner, few minutes later they came back and said they would have to empty out the liquid from the cleaning machine and take a look for the diamond and have it sent off and re-set, had to leave my beautiful ring behind me...I was in bits. They have to phone me today to let me know the story. Anyways what I am wondering is where do I stand with this or has it happened to anyone else before and if so what was the outcome? I am thinking if they phone me today and say the diamond wasn't in the machine what do I do then... :weep Thank you
maybride2017 Posts: 232
I feel for you! you must be so anxious! Its also a worry about mine, I have a lot of little diamonds surrounding the center one and a big fear is one will fall out. Hopefully you will hear back today and it has been sorted and that will be the end of it, I'm sure if for some reason they don't find the diamond they will replace it for you anyway and re-set it. I can't imagine they would just leave you with a ring with no diamond in it, they are liable for it the moment they took it from you and you didn't sign anything to say otherwise. It really doesn't do a business any favours to loose your diamond and then not replace it. I wouldn't worry one way or another it'll be sorted! :heartbeat:
Sine30 Posts: 11
Do be careful if getting it cleaned, I've alot of diamonds in mine too and never even thought of one falling out. I only have my ring a year since June and I have an office job so its not as if my ring gets any abuse , I always take it off when I go home in the evenings too. The good news is they found the diamond and its being reset this week for me, I had to phone them as they hadn't contacted me all morning and I was getting very anxious...such a relief! :)