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dkdonnelly Posts: 1
Is there no way Weddings Online can start filtering and blocking all the spam we get. It is getting increasingly frustrating that there is never any new posts other than buying marijuana, kitchens or not sure what the latest mess is about. What makes things worse is that the spam is posted to all topics so you can't even see if anything good is posted. Not sure if this is bothering anyone else but in my opinion - something needs to be done or the forum is useless. Ok rant over............ >:o(
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Its so frustrating!! Its been getting ridiculous the past while, I barely come here anymore, and its a pity, this site basically helped plan my wedding. I came on this morning and got to page 6 and ITS ALL SPAM! Most of the activity has left this forum now and moved over to their facebook page, its a pity I prefer the forum as it was more honest as it was anonymous and you could get actually conversations going. Hope Weddingsonline sort it out asap!
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
Me too. I loved coming on here and seeing what was going on but now it is all spam and spam messages on threads that are 2 years old so you can never see any new posts. Sort it out weddingsonline!!!!
admin Posts: 1822
Hi guys, Thanks for your post. Admin here. We apologise that spam is slipping through and we will work on removing it at a faster pace. Best Wishes, Admin
maybride2017 Posts: 232
I think there needs to be a "posting approval by admin" before anyone with a new account can post, like other forums and when checked if their post is spam then ban that account.
marialouise Posts: 212
Opened Active Topics today and the first page has THIRTEEN spam posts and replies. ADMIN - SORT IT OUT!!!!!!!
rosie_m Posts: 13
Totally agree. I'm getting so fed up of all the spam. It's not that hard to stop!!!!
marialouise Posts: 212
Just popped on to say thanks to admin for keeping on top of it... Every time I log on there is still loads of spam but it gets deleted much quicker than before. Thank you admin!